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6 tips for who want to start their own business

Most people at some point of their lives already dreamed about running their own business. Either because had an innovative idea or just for not having to clock in anymore, reality shows that is increasing the number of people who have decided take the risk and undertake.


Yes, undertake is a risk. If the idea is to open a company, all the excitement get stuck at the very start with the required documentation and rates costs. All that before you even start to do some work.

The truth is that undertaking is a hard path to walk, full of obstacles, challenges and paper work to do. But with a good planning, lot of work, dedication and love for what you do, the results, beyond rewarding can be even better from what you expected.

We organized six tips for those who want going down this road and be your own boss:

1 – Do what you love: fell passion for what you do is the first key to success. After all, if you are going to do something you don’t like any job serves and it is safer. Establishing a company/business requires great effort and can be very discouraging and frustrating during the process. At those times loving your job is what will continue to push you forward.

2 – Know your segment: Internet exist, use it. Learn all about your business, do workshops, talk with experts, master you field of work. You will not be able to convince anyone about your idea if you can not explain it in a simple, clear and direct way.

3 – Plan: sit down and put on a document all the steps to be fulfilled in order to take your idea out of the paper. That’s the time to make a full analysis of the risks, costs and benefits. Find out what’s viable, what can bring gains and what it may be better you not to try at first. A good planning is what will keep you and your business on track.

4 – Be rational: use logic to invest your time and effort in what is possible for you to do. Do not bite off more than you can chew, plan the best place, approach, method, before put all you have in something.

5 – Making mistakes is human: don’t be discouraged by errors and failures, it make part of the experience and teach you the best way to move forward. Accept, learn, correct and move on.

6 – Make changes does not mean to failure or give up: along the way that idea that first seemed so brilliant may prove itself ineffective. Let it go. A good entrepreneur recognises when it is time to change the course. Changing may be essential, don’t be affraid.

Leaving the commom course may take extra work, but also has a special victory taste, beyond results that can change your life for good. Take a deep breath and start!