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Why teaching

After decades of standardized and unquestionable methods, the education we know is finally going through a necessary revolution.

The molds, concepts and possibilities changed and there is no better moment for whom always dream about teaching or, for who never, start to think about it with love.

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Teacher time

Never before in history of education was possible to teach millions at once. Knowledge use to be passing only for the number of students that fit into the classroom or went to the school.

Never before was possible to access easily the greatest masters. The more qualified person of the region use to teach about several subjects, even if didn’t work with that or really like it.

And the most extraordinary, never before a teacher have a real chance to make thousands of dollars by being a teacher.

The main reason of this change, we all know, was the invention of the Internet. Breaking geographical barriers, it make possible for the knowledge to travel the world without anyone needs to move. But how exactly this makes the teacher life better?


Parallel professions

Even we occupy different jobs, like architects, photographer, doctors, among many others, we all eventually teach something to another person. It could be about our profession, about some other subject we understand or even to our kids at home.

Pass information, teach, makes part of our routine and human being instinct, and maybe for that reason it feels so good. Is lying who says that do not feel pleasure in talk about something that knows better.

The good thing is that now we don’t have to have a Pedagogy degree to do it. We can choose any career and use some extra hours to record a video, write a text, any way it takes to teach about it. Then all you have to do is put on the Internet.


Sadly, in the world we know so far, being a teacher and make good money are not the same thing.

Many people that already dreamed about teaching abandoned this goal for a career that could ensure a better income and a more comfortable life.

However, with the possibility to teach thousands of people at the same time, this reality has changed.

Internet has break boundaries and geographical limits. To teach, all you have to do is recording a video or write about the subject and post it online.

People want to have the best teachers, everybody want to learn with the expert. Therefore if you are good in what you do, people will pay for learn from you.

Of course that promote your classes is necessary, but in the Internet world, if you are good in something, this too is a notice that spreads fast.


There is no way to deny that work for pleasure is an unbeatable benefit. How Confúcio said, “Choose a work that you love and you won’t have to work a single day in your life”.

There are few professions that can brag about it purposes nobility like being a teacher. To teach, pass knowledge and see somebody learn, be better at something, become something, is rewarding in an almost inexplicable way.

For those who practice this profession daily, in a classroom, there is no doubt that the obstacles are many. A lot of sweat, hours of work that pass the school time, disinterested students, low salaries. For those who are teachers in the old standards, life can be hard, but once seen the fruit of their work grow and thrive, there are no bigger satisfaction.

Now, with so many facilities, wish that more people taste the great feeling of teaching. In your own time, speed and availability, but with the same will and passion that are the secret for any successful business.


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