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How to create online courses: Case Excel Ninja

To enter in 2017 with the right foot, shake off the laziness and start right now to create online courses and invest in having your own business, the invited Edson Cavalcante, the Excel Ninja, to talk about his experience with the creation and sale of online courses.

How to create online courses: Case Excel Ninja


Create online courses – Interview with Edson Cavalcante

For more than four years in this market, Edson talk about what are the main challenges in creating online courses and why he decided to bet and continues to invest in distance education. Check out:

What is your profession?

Digital entrepreneur in the area of Informatics.

Why did you decide to create online courses and for how long have you been selling internet-based courses?

Ever taught people through courses and realized that in internet scalability is absurdly higher. I sell courses via the internet since 2012.

When you began to create courses, which were your main difficulty?

In order:

  • Technology knowledge to create the main tools (Website/Blog, hosting of courses, integrations with means of payment, etc.)
  • Resources to record the courses (camera for recording videos, a good microphone to record the audio, video-editing software, such as editing, etc.)

How you develop your courses? What is the process?

To create online courses I do research on the internet about the main themes sought by users and develop the course through these needs. I also use some books and quality teaching materials to guide the production of content. Do some free lessons on Youtube to check the class acceptance.

In your experience, what are the teaching method preferred by your students (videos, tutorials, etc.)?

Video. People want to see the process.

How do you make to answer questions?

I tend to centralize all doubts on the platform hosting the course. But there are always students who seek me by Facebook, Youtube, Email and WhatsApp.

What platform do you use to host your course and why you chose this specifically?

I use the I have tried many platforms on the market, including, assemble my own. But I chose the by the ease of managing the courses (insert new courses and videos, editing, price change, user experience, stability of the platform, the platform design is excellent and the process is automated, so there is no need to do any manual process so that the students do the registration and begin to study).

There are much students enrolled? Do you get feedback on your teaching material?

Currently there are 242 students on platform, but there are more students in the old platform.

The feedbacks are excellent. Both on the course content and on the platform.

How did you disclose your course? Did it take much time to get students?

My main tools of dissemination are my Blog and Youtube. It got students in the first week I launched the course.

In your opinion, what is the trickiest part and which is the more rewarding part in creating online courses?

Complicated: time to focus on the creation of new courses and lessons. In order to make something of quality, requires a lot of time. Both to record and editing.

Rewarding: help many people around the world. There is no geographical limits! It is gratifying to know that your hour of work is much more valued. 

Example: Let’s say that your time is $ 100. When doing a course of 8 hours with 25 people, the total is $ 2.500. To earn more than $ 2.500 you must invest more 8 hours of your time in the future, total 16 hours spent with the same content.

With the online course, the 8 hours that have been spent to create the course, can reach 100 students, 200, 500, 1000 students! But your spent hours are still the 8 initial hours.

In other words, with online course, 8 hours of service with 100 students per $ 100/each = $ 10.000.

$ 10.000 / 8 hours = your hour of work is equivalent to $ 1.250.

Are you satisfied with the results? Would you recommend to other professionals to create online courses?

Very pleased. Highly recommend it!

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