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Know how to create a newsletter to promote your online business

Direct communication channel with your audience, create a newsletter is a powerful strategy to promote your online business.

Know how to create a newsletter to promote your online business

To-do list to create a newsletter that converts

A newsletter is a periodic publication sent by the company to its customers and potential customers.

Often confused with e-mail marketing, the newsletter is more focused on content than on sales.

To create a newsletter, the company brings relevant information on matters related to its business.

Sent only to people who have subscribed, the newsletter has a very high potential for conversion.

  1. Create your newsletter layout

When creating a newsletter there is no formatting rule.

You can create one or more layouts and see which you prefer, or send one at a time and see which your audience seems to like better.

Just keep your brand color scheme and design and remember that less is more. Use few and relevant information.

What you can’t forget:

  • Name and email sender: the sender’s name and his email address should be consistent. For example: sender name, Patrick Espake; e-mail address, Note that using a person’s name, not the company one, helps humanize communication and increases the chances of engagement.
  • Configuration: to create a newsletter that everybody will be able to see, set up a plain text version and other in HTML (with images and layout).
  • Font: again, to ensure that the message is read on any device, choose the most common options and popular fonts, such as Times New Roman, Georgia, Tahoma or Arial.
  1. Set the content

First, remember that the main purpose of the newsletter is information, not promotion.

Make a list of topics that are interesting to your target audience and then develop content.

See some examples of types of content that you can submit:

  • Articles;
  • White papers, ebooks, checklists;
  • Case studies,
  • Video testimonials;
  • Webinars.

Although the purpose of the newsletter is not the sale, all content must be followed by a call to action button that sends the user to something related to the subject matter.

This is a smart way to get your leads to know a company’s product or service, without the pressure of commercial emails marketing.

Another content element, the images are a good idea to improve your newsletter’s look.

But do not overdo it, because they can leave the email extensive and slow to load. Always use compressed images.

At the end, insert a footnote with additional information, such as phone, website, social networks links, etc.

Important: Put a link to cancel your subscription. This shows that your company respects the will of its customers.

  1. Measure the results

When finish to create a newsletter, make a test to make sure that the message arrived without error.

Ask someone to review content and test all the buttons and links.

After sending to your audience, it’s time to measure the results.

Keep an eye on the following metrics:

  • Delivery rate;
  • Opening rate;
  • Click rate;
  • Number of unsubscribes.

Measuring data is important to see what works and draw more assertive strategies.

Based on this analysis you can create A / B testing to see which are the elements that bring better results.

Another essential thing to do is to keep the periodicity. It helps your audience to get used to your messages and contribute to building a lasting relationship.

We recommend sending at least one newsletter every two weeks, but if you can increase this frequency, better.  

Create a newsletter requires dedication, but undoubtedly brings good results for your online business.

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