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Why Invest In Online Courses

The advancement of technology has been favoring a scenario in which people are looking for a more flexible method of education.

This new reality puts Distance Education in focus, both as a learning opportunity as business opportunity. In addition to individuals interested in a more practical way to learn, companies are using online courses as a way to train employees and professionals as form of entrepreneurship, transforming knowledge in a new business.

Why Invest In Online Courses

Online Courses: advantages

Although for many years the online education has been the target of prejudice, this reality has been changing fast, and the online courses market in Brazil and in the world experiences continuous growth. What is not surprising, after all, we can easily list some of its advantages:

  • No displacement required.
  • Make it possible for the student to adapt his study hours with the rest of his routine.
  • Make it possible the learning at you own pace, going faster in subjects that are easier and spending more time in the difficult ones.
  • Enables the learning of several subjects.
  • It facilitates the specialization and professional improvement.
  • Eliminate distances.
  • With discipline and dedication, ensure a quality education with less costs and bigger flexibility.

Online courses are a solution increasingly sought by people who want to improve and expand their knowledge. Flexibility of schedule, place and time of learning are some of the most attractive factors about Distance Learning.

Online courses and corporate training

Several companies already notice the benefits of online training and are using online courses to train and keep their staff update.

A great advantage of this way of learning is the ease of updating content. There are no costs with printing, waste of time and unnecessary displacement. Through a simple email all team will know about any change and will be able to access the information without any disruption.

A qualify and well inform team accomplish more in less time, what puts your company at the head of others in excellence in providing services.

You can find in the market eLearning platforms (LMS) that can help in the implementation of these training programs. eLearning platform

In fast lines, an online platform is a software, a program that hosts your content and allow you to share it with anyone you want. Practical, safe and easy to use, this solution is exactly what offers to you and your business.

With all you have to do is to upload your content through your computer, Dropbox or YouTube (private videos) and that’s it, it all be online to share with your students.

Safe, you give the access password only for who you wish to and still have right to a lot of benefits, such as:

  • 100% Web system in cloud;
  • Responsive system with support for desktop, tablets and mobile;
  • Easy customization of the visual identity of the school and online courses;
  • Creation of courses with videos, audios, images, text and files;
  • Integration with Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, PayPal and PagSeguro;
  • Payment receipt via PayPal and PagSeguro;
  • Discussion forum for students to broaden their knowledge and networking;
  • Management of students and course enrollments;
  • Creation of courses organized in modules;
  • School and courses optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • Share courses in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other;
  • Monitoring graphics of courses enrollments.

The Distance Learning market grows every year and many professionals seeking for a new source of income, or companies that want to empower their employees in a practical way, are creating online courses and collaborating to that learning is increasingly accessible.

The reality is that any person who dominate a subject can teach it to anyone who wants to learn, without leaving the comfort of your home.

By hosting your course with the you have access to a complete eLearning platform, with all necessary resources to host and help you promote online courses. And the best, for free! Visit and find out why we are the best option for your business.