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Corporate Training and Microlearning

Corporate training is the process by which companies empower and educate their employees. Various methods and tools are used for this purpose and recently the microlearning is gaining attention as a powerful new resource to train employees. Corporate Training: what is Microlearning Corporate training trend, microlearning refers to deliver the learning material at lower doses, …

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Digital Marketing and SEO to promote your business online

Digital Marketing and SEO are subjects very discussed here, due to their importance in the online media plan of any company or professional who want to promote your business, product or service. Digital Marketing and SEO – Interview with Eduardo Bonfanti Digital Marketing and SEO are terms often used nowadays when it comes to online …

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Why use Copywriting to promote online business

Among many digital marketing strategies used to promote online business, the content production with focus on attracting visitors and make conversions, the so-called copywriting, deserves special attention. What is Copywriting Promote online business is something that takes time, work and investment, and first of all, you must know the tools and ways of doing this. …

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