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What is SlideShare?

Have you ever heard of SlideShare? Despite being a very popular name in virtual world, SlideShare usually leaves doubt about its real purpose.

Strongly associated with PowerPoint, SlideShare is actually a free social network for publishing content. With this tool, the user can publish content that are in several formats like PDF, PowerPoint, videos, documents, among others, in presentation form.


How to use SlideShare to promote your business

With approximately 60 million unique users per month, SlideShare is the most popular site of presentation sharing that exists nowadays. SlideShare reputation is so big that if a presentation is accessed enough to get highlight is its main page, it become viral, drastically increasing the visibility of the business or company that produced the content.

Fully compatible with mobile devices, on SlideShare the content you publish can be viewed and shared by anyone, which contributes to increase your visibility and generates traffic to your website or blog.

To explain a little more about how SlideShare works, we list some useful information about its use and benefits.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Relevant content is the best way to be notice by Google and other search engines. Any company or business that wishes to get a better position on search results must produce quality content. What few people know is that Google put good SlideShare presentations above posts on blogs, websites and even Youtube videos.


Well produced material is always more attractive. Use images related to the content and target audience. Good title with relevant words. Include a concise brief description with the most popular terms searches among our users to help SEO. Use tags. Put links that take to your website pages with related content. To end, an important tip: create a presentation template on SlideShare and keep the same format during all presentation. That makes it easily recognizable and simple to understand.


Those who search for information on slides usually don’t have much time, so write the information in an easy and effective way. If you have a blog, all you have to do is take the text that you already wrote and organize it in topics. Begin with a quick summary, make an index to facilitate the comprehension and search and focused in slides with topics and images. Keep it simple, but don’t forget to put your logo and website address in each slide page.


The more links you put to your website or blog inside the presentation the better, and the more disclose you give to your SlideShare presentation inside your website, blog and social network better yet. To can include the buttons of “Send”, “Recommend”, “+1”, “Tweet” and “Pin it”, those resources help a lot to make your content viral.

Very easy to use, SlideShare is an excellent marketing tool to help you to promote your company or business and bring more traffic to your website, page or blog. Host your content on Coursify, customize your page inside our platform and take all your audience to a ready and efficient website. All you have to do is send an email to, we will help you with whatever you need.