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How to sell online courses: Practical Guide to sell your course

How to sell online courses is a common question among professionals who are starting in the Distance Learning market.

To get good results, there are some steps that must be defined and enforced carefully.

How to sell online courses: Practical Guide to sell your course

Learn how to sell online courses

The elearning market is booming, with even more and more higher education institutions offering distance education courses.

Aware of this, many professionals are investing in the creation of online lessons, however, find some difficulties in the process, especially in relation to how to sell online courses.

To do list to create online courses

First, you must remember that an online business needs good planning, like any other enterprise.

Even if the costs to advertise a product on the Internet are lower, to stand out is necessary to define a digital marketing strategy, produce content to attract qualified audience and invest time in creating a relationship with the customer.

Check out some steps and techniques on how to sell online courses, ensuring a good return and the durability of your business.

How to sell online courses: Content

A major benefit of teaching online is the large amount of resources that can be used to make the classes more interesting.

To attract students and stand out among the competition it is necessary to innovate how the content it is presented.

Different types of content for online courses

Learn what their personas seek and attract leads


Distance Learning does not necessarily mean learning alone. To leave your lessons more challenging classes and pass confidence to the student, you can use features such as chats and hangouts to discuss the content and answer questions.

Give a “face” for your course makes the student feel more secure and confident during the learning process.


Want to know how to sell online courses? Invest in videos.

General preference, data indicate that traffic dedicated to the consumption of online videos will reach 80% in 2019.

The videos have a high power of immersion and it is easy to record a quality material using resources you already have or find for free on the Internet .

How to record videos at home

Support materials

In online courses the student makes good part of learning alone, studying what was taught in the time they have available.

Therefore, well designed support materials as handouts, presentations, videos, among others, are very attractive to the great majority.

Also, materials that they can use in practice, such as spreadsheets, templates and independent software has a strong appeal at the time of purchase and you can arrange for an extra cost, offering as an option to the student.

How to sell online courses: Disclosure

How to sell online courses Disclosure

There is no way on how to sell online courses without a good publicity campaign.

The good news is that advertise on the Internet is more practical and economical than through offline media.

Here are some resources that are at your reach, require little investment and bring effective results for your business.

Social Media

Important tool of relationship with the public, social networks should be part of your dissemination strategy.

Work the different channels in an integrated manner and disclose your online course on networks that have more users, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Google+.

5 tips to sell online courses using social media


There are many channels for publishing videos, but Youtube is still the best for those who want to be seen.

In the US alone, the channel reaches more people between 18 and 49 years than any TV station, the second largest search engine in the world.

Publicize videos about your course and even some free lessons to increase student curiosity and create credibility.

How to get more views for your lessons on Youtube


Write about topics related to your online course on a blog is a good way to show that you know what you are talking about.

Disseminate quality content proves that you are an authority on the subject, attracts qualified audience, improve the position of your site in search engines and generate conversions.

How to use your blog as a marketing tool


A newsletter is a fixed publication sent by the company to its customers and potential customers.

Very confused with e-mail marketing, the newsletter is more focused on content than on sales.

Sent only to people who have opted to receive content, usually by completing a registration in an online form, the newsletter has a very high potential for conversion and customer retention.

Step by step to create a newsletter that converts

Google Adwords and SEO

Google Adwords and SEO are the two main SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tools and aim to generate results for your business in terms of traffic and conversions.

Google Adwords is an advertising tool designed to generate revenue for Google. You create an ad about your business and pays an amount to it appears.

But the SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, requires a larger work.

SEO is a set of techniques that are designed to make your site more attractive to search engines.

Both strategies are quite useful. Our tip: start investing in the SEO of your website, making it more relevant by qualified content, and then start an Adwords campaign to boost its image on the Internet.

Similarities and differences between SEO and Google Adwords


Much used to promote and sell online courses, the webinar is an online seminar that facilitates communication between business/professional and consumer.

A webinar is an excellent opportunity to present your online course, talk about the content, interact with the audience and prove yourself as an authority.

5 tips for selling courses with Webinar

How to sell online courses: Platform

How to sell online courses: Platform

A platform for hosting online courses is also called Learning Management System (LMS).

A LMS, as the name implies, is basically a SaaS (software as a service) that functions as an online classroom.

Through a LMS, instructors can offer their courses and online lessons. By accessing the platform, students have access to the material and other resources that support learning, such as chats to discuss the content.

Whats is a Learning Management System

The advantages of hosting your online course in a prompt and complete elearning platform as, include:

  • Not need to invest in infrastructure, maintenance and updates;
  • Tested and approved teaching model;
  • Save time and money with system developers;
  • Ease of configuration functions and layout;
  • Specialized technical support.

Moreover, if you do not know very well how to sell online courses, hire the services of a LMS is critical because it will already have several features that your business will need, such as integration with other content platforms and means of receiving online payment .

See other tools that an elearning platform as offers for your course.


To create a custom image for your course it is important that the platform offers customizable features.

Create a page with the image of your business, using your own colors, logo and images.

Easy editing and management

Give preference to the platforms that are easy to manage and edit, so that you can make quick changes.

Also make sure that it offers resources to manage modules of your course, access, enrollment, students and sales in a simple and organized way.  


Hosting courses with redundancy and backup is essential to ensure a safe and reliable environment.

Before worrying about how to sell online courses, ensure that they are on a platform that offers protection for your content.


Much of the content of your course can be hosted on other sites and you will need to upload into the LMS.

For this to happen, the provides integration and import content from other platforms, such as Dropbox, YouTube and Vimeo.

Online payment

Make sure the chosen platform already has an integrated payment system that allows the collection on a simple and secure way.

The allows receiving payments via PayPal or PagSeguro, customer preferred currency.


If you have questions about how to use or how to sell online courses using the platform, it is necessary to have a support team.

The LMS must have support channels to remedy any technical issues and ensure the maintenance and proper functioning of the site.


It is very important to make sure that your students have access to your course through any device.

For this, the system should be fully responsive, with optimized support for desktop, tablets and mobile.

Social networks and SEO

Another factor that helps sales is a platform that enables easy integration with social networks for the dissemination of the course.

It is also important that the entire site is optimized for SEO, improving its position in search engines.

Custom domain

The custom domain is the cherry on the cake of customization of your course page.

Choose a friendly address to your online school in the domain or configure your own custom domain.

How to sell online courses can be more difficult than you thought at first, but for sure is not impossible.

With a well planned strategy in a short time you will have your first students.

The is a completely dynamic and customizable elearning platform that provides features that make it even easier for those who want to sell online courses.

Visit our website, test the platform and find out why we are the best option for you.