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Why transfer your online training for cloud storage

Technology that is changing the concept of flexibility and virtual accessibility, the cloud storage is the new best friend of Distance Education. A store file on cloud is nothing more than save your files in an online system, something similar to a digital HD. In this way you can have access to your files in any place, all you need is a computer, tablet or electronic device with internet access.

Academic Institutions and teachers have already realized the value of this technology for education and we have numerous online training and courses being created every day and stored in online platforms, software responsible for storing content in cloud and ensure access, security and other resources of use to you and the people with whom you want to share your files.

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5 Advantages of moving your online training for the cloud

The great vantage of cloud storage is exempt the use of interconnected computers and any USB device to record, carry and transmit the information to more people at the same time. By hosting your files on a server or online platform you have access to them from anywhere, with the advantage of having more space and the ability to share them easily.

If schools have already realized its huge advantage to education, this technology certainly did not pass unnoticed by entrepreneurs, which increasingly use its possibilities to train their employees.

We’ve listed five reasons why companies choose to store their content in cloud to offer online training for their employees

Lower cost

Forget high costs with infrastructure, teachers and extra time. The Learning Management Systems (LMS) based on SaaS (Software a Service), which are servers or online platforms, offer solutions at a much lower cost and deliver even more benefits.  Software’s that host content are designed to offer all the features you need to store and make your material accessible in an easy, safe and efficient way, all at a much lower cost than investments in physical structure, in addition to allowing you to pay only for what you need. It is a flexible system that can be constantly adapted, as your business grows, your LMS grows.

Fast Deployment

If any change or implementation of new corporative software often takes months to be performed in your company, you should know that this does not occur with the LMS. There is no need to purchase new hardware or new software, with a LMS SaaS-based the new training system will be installed and running immediately. 


The content teach during training is not dictated by a book, and, therefore, can be constantly updated and amended as is best for the user. Teaching and learning are not confined to a plaster method, it is possible to choose the media, order of modules, time dedicated to each one and so forth, teacher and student can shape the material as bring more benefits to the learning process.


Concern very common today, this is an important factor to be considered. Aware of the risks and the need to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the material that store, providers of SaaS solutions are conspicuous by offering all the security features to their users. There are standards in place to ensure nothing less than the highest levels of security compliance, and furthermore these providers automatically perform backups and have system of data recovery. 

Mobile and Web Access

In a reality marked by constant use of mobile devices with access to the internet, a recent update in internet protocols, HTML5, standardizes great part of the experience of the browser through devices. That makes it easier for servers and online platforms make your content available for the majority of electronic devices on the market today. Applications access the same data as the browsers, and in some cases may even offer additional features, not available through the browser.

There are many reasons to use the cloud storage technology; it can offer many advantages for your business. As a complete online platform, Coursify offers solutions for companies and professionals who want to host their course or online training. Contact us through the email and feel free to do a test.