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Online Training: Benefits of eLearning to Business Education

Countless companies, from large corporations to universities and startups, have already discovered the benefits of online training.

Gradually, these companies are replacing their on-the-job training model, for online courses via elearning platform.

Online Training: Benefits of eLearning to Business Education

Why Implementing Online Training in Companies

The benefits of corporate training for businesses are numerous, and justify the investment.

Corporate Education in Companies

For example, an IBM white paper, The Value of Training, details the ROI of IT skills development.

Based on insights from its previous Smarter Workforce study, IBM finds the following when implementing online training in companies:

  • Goals are met 90% more frequently, increasing team skills;
  • Companies save US$ 70,000 per year and increase productivity by 10%;
  • Product launches are 22% faster.

What many modern organizations have discovered is that corporate training through online courses helps to lowers costs, increases productivity, and ultimately boosts revenue.

In fact, the initial investment in e-learning is more than paid, since it actually reduces the expenses with the training of employees.

The maintenance costs of an online training platform are minimal when compared to expenses with face-to-face classes.

Benefits of Online Training for Companies

Benefits of Online Training for Companies

Many companies offer online training options during the trial period for a new employee.

However, this training does not end with permanent contracting: it continues with online courses of specialization, improving the knowledge of the employee in new technologies.

In addition to significant cost savings, see seven other key benefits of online education in corporate training.

1. It’s engaging

Unlike traditional classroom lessons that draw on long lectures and texts, eLearning uses a variety of formats, such as presentations, animations, videos, and games.

How to Create Professional Presentations

This is important because not all students process information in the same way.

Some may prefer reading text while others learn best by watching a video.

An e-Learning program allows the learner to choose their preferred method. And that shows good results.

For example, the same IBM white paper mentioned above found that different learning technologies create a 19% increase in employee engagement.

2. It’s centralized

In any large enterprise, training requirements and processes vary by department.

This generates different types of classes, which requires more space and structure to happen.

On the other hand, with an online course platform, such as, the company centralizes all courses in one place.

Thus, in addition to facilitating access to all, it is easy to update the materials and find the content you want quickly.

Modern platforms eliminate the need for separate learning programs.

3. It’s economical

The cost of paying instructors and leasing space for classroom results in a significant expense.

A large part of what a company spends refers only to travel expenses for employees and instructors who need to travel to take part in the course.

Even in cases where all employees are in the same location, you must pay overtime or allow them to be absent during work hours.

Online education eliminates these costs and losses, guaranteeing the training for a much lower value.

Online courses can be done from anywhere, anytime, just like most modern jobs.

4. It’s measurable

Because everything is digital, everything can be measured and analyzed.

But the results of online training should not be measured solely on the basis of the number of students completing the course, the time taken to complete, or even their scores.

The real strength of eLearning lies in its ability to map how the program impacts business KPIs.

Before beginning the automated training, decide which goal or outcome you want to achieve through the courses.

This can be anything from reduced support calls and increased sales to faster integration of new customers.

Write down what your results are before you start your online training program and use metrics to compare your results after a certain time.

This is a much more accurate measurement compared to simply recording the number of students passing the course.

5. It’s scalable

As your organization grows, so does your business training program.

Today’s digital learning tools, easily and quickly, evolve and accommodate new users.

Instead of waiting for the next on-site training course, it is enough that new employees access the platform and begin the learning process from day one.

It’s simply a more efficient way to combine your training program with the growth of your organization.

A good example of this is the HubSpot Academy. The company started with only a handful of courses and was increasing its program from there.

Today, HubSpot has one of the most successful e-learning programs in the world, empowering countless users every year.

6. It’s agile

Organizational training needs are in constant state of update as the market changes at the speed of light.

This requires a learning program that is agile enough to reflect these changes almost in real time.

Unfortunately, classroom training can not meet this challenge.

Not to mention the time and expense required to update the printed materials.

On the other hand, online education technology quickly incorporates an organization’s updates training demands that are promptly distributed to students.

Courses can be created or updated to provide your team with the emerging operational skills they need to compete in the marketplace.

7. It’s contextual

The organizational training requirements of each organization are unique.

Even within an organization, the learning needs of each department also vary.

An elearning platform fits these differences perfectly and can be customized to meet specific needs.

In addition, a new employee requires a different training program from a more experienced employee, or a professional who wants to upgrade their skills or acquire new knowledge.

Online training allows for a more contextual and customizable learning experience.

This allows each collaborator to develop within their own rhythm, capacity and preference.

Benefits of Online Training for Professionals

Benefits of Online Training for Professionals

With online training, it is not just the company that wins.

Here are some advantages that show how business empowerment helps improve an employee’s working life.

  • Flexibility

Online trainings can be done anytime, anywhere. The only requirement is a computer or mobile electronic device and internet connection.

  • Mobility

A place that has an internet connection is a place to enjoy. Online training is not limited to desktops only. It can be done through phones, tablets and laptops.

  • Easy Access

All course material can be viewed multiple times without limit. Whenever there is a doubt the professional can consult the answer simply by accessing the teaching platform.

  • Community

People with the same learning goals can come together in an online community that interacts, exchanges questions and ideas.

  • Online Support

When students have any questions, they just have to send an email to the coach, ask in a community, or access support via chat.

  • Progress Report

Online assessments bring a fair scoring system that helps students mesure their understanding of a particular subject.

  • Information Retention

Online courses help students retain and remember information through more elaborate resources, such as compelling images, videos, animations, and more.

Elearning Platform for Online Training

Elearning Platform for Online Training

All the reasons above raises the need to embrace online training.

But perhaps the most persuasive reason is this: online learning is the current and future direction of professional training.

Employers, customers and partners expect to be able to meet their online and on-demand needs.

A company without an e-Learning option in their training program will be left behind.

To get you started right, you need a Learning Management System, like

Whats is a Learning Management System

The is an eLearning platform completely dynamic and customizable, providing all the features you might need.

Present in more than 60 countries, is the perfect solution for companies that want to host online training courses.

That means you do not even have to invest in building your own elearning platform.

The is ready for you to enter your courses and create a fully customized page for your business.

Just upload content through your computer or other platforms like Dropbox and Vimeo, and your classes will be ready to be watched.

With friendly and intuitive layout, anyone can use, either as teacher or student, without having to understand computing for this.

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