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Corporate Education and Online Training in Companies

Corporate Education for many is synonymous with business training. However, when we use this term we are talking about something that goes beyond employee training.

Corporate Education and Online Training in Companies

Corporate Education: what it is

Corporate Education consists of a training project developed by companies, which aims to “institutionalize a culture of continuous learning, providing the acquisition of new skills linked to business strategies” (Quartiero & Cerny, 2005, p.24).

According to Jeanne Meister (1999), Corporate Education is a “strategic umbrella to develop and educate employees, customers, suppliers and the community, in order to fulfill the organization’s strategies” (p.35).

Thus, when creating a Corporate Education program, companies are interested in more complex and significant results than just training employees to perform a certain task.

Benefits of Online Corporate Training for Companies

This involves articulating individual skills in the broader business context, seeking results such as innovation and increased competitiveness. 

Corporate education: importance for the company

With Corporate Education, the company empowers its employees not only to perform a specific function, but develops their skills so that there is greater efficiency in decision making, faster in solving tasks and potential improvement in internal communication. 

Among the numerous advantages that a well-prepared team brings to the organization, we can highlight:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Innovation;
  • Improvement of the corporate environment;
  • Decrease Employee Turnover.

In this way, corporate education offers benefits to both the company and the employee, who feel stimulated and valued, with potential for professional growth.

Corporate Education and Distance Education

New technologies have brought the possibility of online learning and have facilitated the application of an educational infrastructure in companies.

Corporate Education and Online Education

Through eLearning the “qualification of the employees is accomplished in a shorter time and with reduced costs, emphasizing that the time savings can reach 50%, and the cost to 60%, in relation to the classroom courses” (Quartiero and Cerny, 2005, p. 37).

With the use of technological tools, the worker can learn through videoconferences, courses taught over the Internet, or even through the company’s Intranet.

This makes it possible to maintain his work routine, since he can take classes without having to move, at the time that suits him best.

Another factor that means savings for the company is the fact that the managers themselves can prepare and teach the classes, with no need to hire teachers.

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Other than that, all the company needs is an online hosting platform, which can be in the SaaS model, such as

Why use a SaaS for hosting corporate trainings

Why use SaaS to host corporate training

A Software as a Service (SaaS) is an alternative to the default installation of a software company, being the ideal solution for hosting corporate training in a practical and economical manner.

With SaaS, the company does not pay to obtain the software, it acquires an authorization to use it and pays for its use, as a monthly fee.

Advantages of SaaS to host corporate training

SaaS applications, also called web-based software, software on demand or hosted software, are the perfect solution for the company to host corporate training with little investment.

7 frequently asked questions about SaaS

This type of software runs on the servers of the provider companies, which have the responsibility to manage access and maintain the security structure of data, connectivity and servers required for the service.

Technology that has been calling attention in the corporate world, the use of SaaS presents several advantages for organizations, among which we can highlight:

Quick access

Unlike the traditional model, SaaS (application), is already installed and configured.

The user only accesses the application that is hosted in the cloud and in a short time it is ready to use.

This reduces the time spent on installation and configuration and frees the contractor from resolving any unforeseen events that may happen during this process, since the responsibility for its operation rests with the provider.

Reduced costs

SaaS has an expense differential, as it generally resides in a shared environment where the hardware and software license costs are low compared to the traditional model.

Another advantage is that the customer and user base can be increased at no cost, which is ideal for anyone looking to host corporate training.

This service model also allows small and medium size companies to use software that they would not otherwise be able to, due to the high cost of the license.

To help, they can add on a software asset management tool to manage the software licenses used by a business.

Scalability and Integration

Typically, SaaS are hosted in cloud environments that are scalable and integrate with other SaaS offerings.

Compared to the traditional model, users do not have to buy another server or software, they just need to enable another application.

Many providers, such as, also provide APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable integration with existing applications.


Software updates are made by providers and made available to their customers.

The costs and effort associated with updates and new versions are less than the traditional model, which usually forces the user to purchase a package and install it, or pay for specialized services to obtain the updated environment.

That is, to host corporate training and keep the platform updated, the company does not pay any extra fees.

Easy to use and test

SaaS are easy to use, since they already come with best practices and demonstration of use within it.

Even in large environments, users can test the software before purchasing permission to use it.

In addition, many providers offer customization so that companies can meet their individual needs, such as

Corporate Education with

Free online courses in

Several factors contributed to corporate education gaining space in the company’s budget, such as the need to educate employees about the organization’s processes and culture, increasing production capacity and valuing its team. 

But studies show that the popularization of eLearning and the emergence of online teaching platforms in the market encouraged the acceleration of this process, making it easier and more economical for companies to train their employees. 

With six years in the eLearning market, has successful cases from big clients, such as Rinai, who use the software as a means to offer business training to their employees.

How to measure the effectiveness of your online business training

Our team is always ready to answer any questions about the use and resources of the platform, but to make it easier, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about using the system to business training.

1 – Is really free?

Our Beginner plan is free, but we also have Pro and Business plans, with extra features to make your online course even better.

Check out the benefits you will have when signing up for each plan:

2 – Is there a limitation on the number of people who can take the training?

We do not charge for students. The number of people who can access business training is unlimited and controlled by the contracting company. 

3 – How is data stored and confidential?

The maintains confidentiality of all data that is stored safely and all the data exchange is made with SSL encryption.The data is not shared with anyone and remains the property of the company.

4 – Is it possible to insert questionnaires in business training and issue certificates?

Coming soon. We will be launching these new features later this year (2020).

5 – Is it possible to know exactly who were the people who accessed the training and if they completed the course?

Yes. Through our Student Management feature, you can track each student’s progress and performance in real time.

If you want to test our platform right now or if you have any more questions with which we can help you, please contact us. 

The is a Learning Management System completely dynamic and customizable, providing all the features you might need.

Whats is a Learning Management System

Present in more than 60 countries, is the perfect solution for companies that want to host online training courses.

That means you do not even have to invest in building your own elearning platform.

The is ready for you to enter your courses and create a fully customized page for your business.

Just upload content through your computer or other platforms like Dropbox and Vimeo, and your classes will be ready to be watched.

With a friendly and intuitive layout, anyone can use, either as teacher or student, without having to understand computing for this.

We offer three plans options for you to decide which one best suits your needs.

Developed for companies, with the Business Plan you customize your own domain and remove the brand from all your pages and courses.

In addition, we have an online support team ready to assist you and help you with any difficulty.

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