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Advantages of using video classes in distance learning

Advantages of using video classes in distance learning

The video classes are one of the main teaching resources in the distance education. Effective tool, use video classes in  distance learning is a clear and dynamic way to teach , and usually very pleasing to students.

Video classes consist in video recording of educational content. Increasingly used in online educational institutions and in companies that work the corporate education, the quality level of this material has increased considerably.

Why create video classes in distance learning

Today, 20% of the digital time of Brazilians is to watch videos. In 2020, it is estimated that 75% of data traffic on the internet will be for videos. Only in Facebook, daily are assisted 100 million hours of videos.

There are over 1 billion active users on YouTube, and every minute about 400 hours of video content are loaded on this platform. Mobile devices contribute with these numbers, via mobile, the average time spent on YouTube is 40 minutes.

This is proof that videos have a great appeal, attract the user’s attention and are preferably among the other types of media.

The segment of online education recognizes the great advantage of using video classes in distance learning, indicating as a method of interactive learning and a trend that should not be overlooked by those who produce online courses.

If you still have doubts, here are some good reasons why use video classes in distance learning:

  • Videos are more efficient in capturing and keeping the attention of the student than reading materials, for example;
  •  Through demonstration, this tool is able to make easier the comprehension of a complex concept;
  • Creates a greater commitment on the part of the student, contributing to the debate and assimilation of the content;
  • Through the use of image and sound, vide classes contribute to building a better relationship between teacher and students.

The use of video classes in distance learning, offers many benefits for the student and contribute to an effective learning. In addition, video is a trend and will continue for years to come, along with other resources such as the micro learning, storytelling and games.

Tips to create video classes in distance learning

Video production requires certain knowledge and skill. If you are not confident in doing alone and have condition to pay a professional help, better, otherwise, study and make attempts until achieve a satisfactory result. To help, check out some tips on how to produce good video classes in distance learning:

Give preference to short videos

As well as any class of long duration, long videos tend to become dull and lose the attention of the student. The assimilation of the information becomes easier when the video is less than five minutes in length.

Long videos should be more interactive

If you need a long video to explain the content properly, try to make it as interactive as possible. Bet on activities among the lessons, propose questions that encourage the reasoning and debate, offer quick summaries and if possible divide the content into modules so that the student can organize rest breaks between lessons.

Use a transcription

One of the advantages that online courses and  video classes in distance learning offer is the possibility of being fully inclusive. In addition to not require that the student move, using subtitles, audio and images, it is possible to meet people with limitations and different abilities.

Be careful with the size of the file

Watch out to not to lose the interest of the student for the waiting time required for your video upload. Consider the creation of a separate version to play at low bandwidths. The material should also be the most responsive as possible, adaptable to any type of device.

Well produced, a video classes in distance learning has great appeal and can be the difference that makes the student chooses your online course. Along with video classes  offer materials that complement what the student has seen in the videos.

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