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How to produce video lessons

How to produce video lessons is one of the key questions of who is starting on the market of online courses.

Teaching method greatly appreciated by those who search for Distance Education, invest in the videos production is a good way to create online lessons more interactive and attract students. 

How to produce video lessons

Tips to produce video lessons

Produce video lessons requires some investment, especially if you are looking for a professional result. But don’t worry, with a little creativity and technical knowledge, or a little help from who understands about it, you can produce excellent video lessons spending little. There are good applications for video recording for free on the internet that can also be very helpful.

After all, the popularization of homemade videos posted on YouTube and on social networks proves that anyone with a cell phone can record a video today. In other words, the first thing that you should keep in mind, is that making videos is possible.

Produce video lessons brings several advantages for your online course and worth the investment. Check out some tips to do this spending little and know that the most important thing is to deliver a quality content, that does justice to the investment and confidence of your students. 


The image quality depends on the camera, but that you probably already have, whereas the vast majority of phones sold today record in HD (high definition), which is already enough to produce good videos. However, you should be aware of the environmental lighting, because if there is low light, the camera reduces the quality of the video to compensate, which can leave your recording with bad image.


The light is always important for the capture of images. If you record a video in an environment that has little natural light, for example, use artificial lighting. And don’t worry, we’re not talking about those spotlights used in professional studios, traditional lamps strategically positioned work as well. Just organize them for that project spotlights on items that are part of the scenery. When in doubt, test and check the result until setting the correct positioning of the lighting.


The scenario (everything that appears in the video) is important for having a professional image. You do not need to rent any special room, but be careful with what is around you. First, organize the place, no personal object must appear. Put books and other items that relate to your class in the room can also be a good idea. Opt for a decoration that resembles a classroom clean and well lit, pleasant to look at.

Remember that the environment in which you will produce video lessons also directly impacts on the quality of sound. Look for a location where there is the lowest possible noise, away from the constant flow of people. It is important to note that a very empty room generate echo, another reason to think carefully in the decor.


Considered by many an aspect even more important than the image, audio makes all the difference in the creation of a quality material. Despite having good cameras, the built-in microphones on smartphones are not made for create a professional audio. So to your message gets to your student clearly, the ideal would be to invest in a lapel microphone, because the majority of these appliances can be connected directly to your smartphone, which saves you from having to worry about sync the audio on editing.


In this part of the process might be good to ask a professional assistance, if you do not understand about video editing tools. In addition to leaving your online class perfect, with pauses and smooth transitions, in post-production you can also choose to add vignettes, signing, legends, or other effects that can add to the teaching and create an identity for classes produced by you.


Material ready, it is time to publish and disseminate your video lessons. To do this, you will need a complete and secure platform to host your lessons and make them available to your students. Elearning platform (LMS), the has all the resources you need to host your school, customize your page, having your own domain and disclose its contents.

Produce video lessons is possible, and you can do it. We got the rest. Contact us via e-mail and learn why we are the best choice for your online school.