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Content for online courses: know different types of courses

When we think of content for online courses we usually don’t go to far from the obvious, such as videos and texts.

But in fact, there are different models of distance education courses that you should know about it.

Content for online courses: know different types of courses

Different types of content for online courses

If you are in doubt about what course to create or even do, it’s good to know a little more about the different types of content for online courses that exist.

There are several ways of transmitting knowledge and each case may have a format that best meets its needs and goals.

To learn what kind of distance education course is ideal for your target audience, understand more about the different models of online classes.

Simple learning

By “simple”, we refer to courses that use resources that are not interactive, such as handouts, PowerPoint presentations, videos or audio.

Easier to be produced, this type of content for online courses are majority, and combine with defined learning objectives designed in a structured way.

Even if they don’t provide interaction between instructor and student, they are quite effective and valuable for learning.

Interactive lessons

Interactive courses are quite common in corporate training.

This type of distance learning often combine interactive lessons and support materials.

Another way to make your course interactive is setting chats and video conferences to answer questions and discuss lessons.


Another level of content for online courses, simulations are highly interactive forms of distance learning.

This type of education is normally used in the training of operators working in risks industries, such as medicine, aviation, military, among others.

The term basically means creating a learning environment that simulates the real world, allowing students to learn by doing.


Gamification is the use of the mechanical and dynamic of games as means for the student learn and solve problems.

Quite in vogue, its main purpose is attract attention and increase user engagement by offering challenges and rewards.

The gamification is basically using ideas and game engines to encourage someone to do something.

As you can see, there are several types of content for online courses. Just define the one that fits in your goals.

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