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Coursify – Our History

Coursify was born from the will of three friends that share the same love for technology and knowledge. From the union of these fellings came the idea of build a web app that could connect teachers and companies with their students.

In June 2013, the friends Alexandre Fracazo, Fernando Garrido and Patrick Espake decided to join efforts to create an online education modern software. Unsatisfied with the solutions available in the market, they united their knowledge and developed a new software, with the purpose to revolutionize, connect people and make education fun and pleasant. That’s how Coursify was born.

Create the company demand a lot of hard work and union of the team to make decisions like choosing a name, logo, developing plataform technology and dedicate themselves to a profund study about online education. With a lot of determination, love and faith in what they do, today the partners are considered experts on e-learning.

Looking back, 2013 and 2014 were years of great achievements and lots of learning. In team’s view, Coursify passed through an amazing maturation during this time period. Now, about to start 2015, they feel that this will be the most special year of all, time to see their hard work recognized through the connection of more teachers and companies with their students.

Coursify team wishes to accompany your accomplishments in 2015 and through the next years. We have the most absolute certainty that we can offer the right partnership to you and your business. Come with us to build another part of this great history.

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