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Exercise your creativity

There is no doubt that mastered the content to be teach is the first step to anyone who wishes to teach something. However, that is not enough to transform somebody in a teacher, further more in a good one.

In addition to didactic and teaching methodology, nowadays, students are looking for much more in a teacher. To keep the interest in your class, you must be creative.


Keep the audience interested

Being creative is not benefits of a few, that, like many believe, are born with this gift. Creativity may be stimulate and developed like any other ability.

Through techniques and exercises which intend to stimulate the search for new ideas, versatile solutions, innovators or just a different way to do something, anyone can be creative.

For those who have the knowledge but are looking for a new way to expose their content to attract and maintain interested students, we organize some practices that can help you to think “outside the box”.


It is a well-known technique that should not be underestimate, it is not in vain that ever creative group use it.

The idea is simple: think about the problem, ask a question about how to solve it, set a timer in three minutes and get start! During this time write everything that comes to you mind in answer to that question. No judgments, without censorship, no overthinking, just write it down. When the time is over, set another three minutes and analyze all your answers, cut the impossible to be made ones and number which will be your first choices.

This exercise helps to bring up new ideas and to develop a new flow of thought that can guide you to solution you look for.


You are looking for the last two hours for your computer screen and nothing? Move! Offer not only a well deserve break to your mind but also new incentives. Watch a movie, take a walk, play with the dog, talk to someone, play a game. Is not for nothing that they say that the best hour to solve all your life problem is during the shower. Nothing like be relaxed to see clearly. 

Look for challenges

A creative person is usually the one who already saw or lived numerous situations. Get out your comfort zone. Look for different activities; give the other half of your brain a chance to develop too. Crosswords, Tetris, volunteer work, chess, theater, opposing fields that will demand all the abilities your brain is capable to process, but it is not used to. Thinking outside the box for innovative solutions requires that you search in places that most people would not. Challenge yourself to think different, do better, do not be pleased with little and the solution you are searching for will appear.

Give more credit to your ideas

We throw away many promising ideas for lack of courage to show then, insecurity about our own skills. If an idea seems good to you, trust your intuition. Even that it is out of standard, try. Make a test, listen to you intelligence and give it credit. All the ideas that lead to changes were consider crazy at first, all the ones that draw attention too. Try it!

With those simple practices you can develop new skills to help to make your course better. After that, all you have to do is contact Coursify through the e-mail to upload your content and is all settle to success.