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How to boost your online course investing little

In times when the country’s economy does not help and the general budget tightens, extra effort is needed to keep your online course audience steady and growing.

It takes focus and planning to find solutions that help you continue with your business, retaining customers and captivating new ones.

To help your strategic planning, we have prepared ten tips on what you can do to sell more while spending little.

How to boost your online course investing little

10 tips to increase sales of your online course

Distance Learning courses have become an increasingly popular way to share knowledge with others, earning for it. But the amount you can profit from selling an online course varies widely, depending on your price and your audience. 

Tony Delgado, founder of Disrupt and Disrupt Week Puerto Rico, shares that making your first million dollars is much easier when you put your product or service online. “Just do the math,” he says. “If 1,000 people buy your $ 1,000 course, you just earned a million dollars overnight. All you really need to succeed is Wi-Fi and a dream. ”

We would also add to Tony’s speech, that you also need good planning. With that, everything is really possible, including selling a lot starting with little.

Did you like the perspective? So do we. That’s why we’ve put together 10 tips that help increase your profit margin so that your course can accumulate digits. 

1. Always offer more value than expected

Nowadays, it is very easy to put a high price on an online course that does not deliver half the price it charges. This happens when the instructor creates content in a hurry or without real interest in what his audience wants and in the results they intend to achieve. Don’t do it at all.

Stephen Campolo, creator of the 12-week Body Transformation Challenge, advises a customer-centric approach. “I started to share my knowledge of fitness on social media in an effort to help as many people as possible,” he explains. “That’s when my life really changed. All I wanted to do was help one person, who has grown into thousands all over the world. This was only possible because I started to lead with value ”.

Conclusion: always think about your audience before thinking about money. Only when you focus on what your audience wants, do you get the confidence and results that will lead your online course to success.

2. Prioritize investments

We’re back talking about the importance of good planning. Prioritizing investments and avoiding unnecessary spending is essential to survive times when the general economic situation is not so good.

Most of the time, loans means the final push of a business into bankruptcy, after all, interest rates are not forgiving. Take advantage of eLearning that is a low cost business and prioritize your investments in what is really important to leverage your business, such as quality and dissemination of your material.

Draw up a good strategy for how you can do this at the lowest possible cost, but without cutting investments that are essential. Content marketing is your friend on this journey, as it requires more time and dedication than money.

Content marketing to sell online courses

3. More content always

Content is the key to the success of every online business. Much more economical than investing in advertising in traditional media, on the Internet what makes your company stand out is the content.

Draw up a marketing strategy, update your communication channels regularly and offer your audience material of interest, whether by email, blog, social networks, or, preferably, on all of these channels.

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In this way, you attract the attention of your potential customers, establish your authority, optimize the position of your page in search engines and, consequently, sell more.

4. Get testimonials about your online course

Potential customers (leads) are much more likely to invest in an online course if they are able to see tangible results from previous customers. 

In particular, numerical results work best. For example, if a previous customer can say that his Instagram marketing course has doubled the number of followers he has, this indicates significant credibility for someone who is considering making the investment. 

At the end of each course, send an email to your students asking them to do a brief evaluation of the material. This not only serves to attract new customers, it also generates important feedback so that you can make improvements.

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5. Include upsell options

Popular sales strategy, upselling is a technique in which a seller invites the customer to buy items, updates or other expensive supplements to generate more revenue.

In an online course, this technique can also be applied, just create additional materials to the course, or more advanced modules, and offer it to the customer who purchased the initial course.

There are a few tricks to do this with tact, such as adding the upsell option on the purchase confirmation page or creating urgency, offering a 20% discount for a limited time.

6. Provide different payment options 

You are likely to sell many more courses (especially if it has a higher price) by offering a payment plan. 

An investment of $ 1,000 is easier to digest if the student can pay $ 200 over five months. In addition to splitting the amount, it is important to facilitate payment, providing different options and channels for this to be done, such as PayPal and Stripe.

It is essential that the student feels secure when making an online financial transaction, so the most popular payment platforms are preferred by the public.

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7. Add more value to your online course

As we said, this is the time to try even harder. You have to show that your business offers many advantages and that it is worth more than it charges. 

Create new products, make offers, promotions, create campaigns that catch the audience’s attention.

Think of everything you can do to make your proposal irresistible. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and think about what would be attractive to you, what would lead you to buy the course. This is a simple technique, but quite efficient for having good ideas.

8. Invest in ads on Facebook and Google Ads

No matter the size of your email list or group of followers, there are no excess customers, especially since online courses are easy to scale. 

So far the tips we have gave cost more sweat than money, so it’s time to take what you’ve saved and invest in targeted ads on Facebook and Google Ads.

Well-targeted campaigns can deliver excellent results in no time. For example, if your course is about getting a dream job, focus on senior students in college in metropolitan areas.

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9. Share knowledge for free 

Potential clients are more likely to invest in your content the more it affects them. So, show what you know.

Give tips, short classes, offer free value on your channels and social networks to attract a qualified audience, with real potential to buy your online course.  

This strategy will also improve your social profile, which helps both to build credibility and to fill your sales funnel.

Free online courses as a strategy to attract students

10. Create a community for your students

More and more courses are offering a community for students, which works as an extra bonus. 

Facebook communities are a great place for students to exchange information, discuss the subject in class, raise doubts and help each other. 

Many see this as an added bonus for connecting with others committed to learning and getting the most out of their online course, in addition to promoting networking.

Continue, improve your online course and sell more

How to do the sales forecast of your online business

In difficult times we tend to let ourselves be discouraged and give up. Big mistake, don’t give in to conformism. It is precisely in times like this that we should shake up and put even more will into what we do.

Don’t stop, keep communicating with your audience, challenge them with new topics, encourage engagement. A good tip is to take advantage and create promotional material remembering that online courses are a more economical way of learning and an excellent way to not stop studying in times of tight budget.

This is also true for companies that do not want to stop training their employees. Online courses are ideal for teaching a large number of people at the same time without spending on travel, infrastructure and overtime costs.

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