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How to get more Reviews for your Online Course

With fierce competition, the need to get more reviews and testimonials in favor of your business becomes greater than ever.

While it’s hard to get the user to take a few minutes to write these reviews, with the right strategy you can achieve much better results.

How to get more Reviews for your Online Course

Why is important to get more Reviews and Testimonials about your Business

A survey with more than 600 online shoppers has revealed that 77.3% of people say that reviews affect their decision to make a purchase.

get more reviews importance

Most companies and professionals who own an online business already understand the importance of reviews for their marketing and sales strategy.  

These customer reviews and testimonials are important to everyone as they impact directly on SEO and consequently on brand visibility.

But here’s a tip, it’s important to get more reviews and let them show on your own site, rather than just hosting them on third-party sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

Why? Because of SEO of course.

With this content you improve the position of your site or page in search engines, generating traffic to your business instead of other sites.

And know that review traffic is super valuable.

Yotpo data show that the review traffic is the most engaged, with customers staying for longer on the site.

This traffic also has a lower bounce rate and higher page views than traffic coming from Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Plus, owning your content ensures that you have full control over the comments.

You can protect the authenticity of your reviews, use the content in your marketing actions and respond to negative comments.

How to get more Reviews for your Business

With few people leaving testimonials, many companies end up concluding that their customers simply do not want to write reviews.

While it is true that today’s consumers have notoriously short attention spans, they want to share their experiences and if you know how to ask them correctly, you can definitely get more reviews and build a stronger relationship with your customers in the process.

Your customers want to write reviews. You’re just not asking the right way.

Check out five basic tips on how to get more reviews for your business.

1. Make it possible

It may seem obvious, but for customers to leave their comments, you need to make it possible for them to be able to do this.

That means highlighting the calls-to-action and “pointing” exactly where they should go.

If they have to search or the process is complicated, forget it. Only very disgruntled customers will care that much, and it is precisely the ones you do not want.

See how Etsy makes it easy for customers to leave their opinion, for example.

get more reviews etsy case

Just below the photo and description of the product are all reviews published on that item.

get more reviews etsy case

In addition, the valuation rate is presented as soon as the consumer opens the product sales page, showing without wasting time what those who have already bought think.

2. Ask!

Asking your client for a review is not difficult, but many companies forget to do so.

Remind your buyers to leave your comments every time they purchase a product or service.

Researches points out that the best way to get more reviews is to ask what the customer’s assessment is by email, after he has received what he has bought.

– How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Look at how Expedia asks for reviews after customers have booked a trip.


Another common strategy is to request reviews for buyers who have had a question answered by the Customer Service.

That way, you show that your customer is a priority and you care about what he thinks.

3. Seize the right time

Many professionals wonder what is the most effective way to encourage consumers to write reviews.

The trick is to make it super easy and quick to do, no matter where people are or what they are doing.

To do this, make sure your review request process is tailored to mobile devices.

Many companies are quick to make sure that their product pages and checkouts are responsive, but they fail to make a difference when it comes to the part of testimonials.

Keep in mind that people are happy to contribute with content when you take away all their work.

Do not make them click on multiple pages and do not ask them to log in.

Customer reviews, whether positive or negative, are usually triggered by a moment of passion or inspiration.

To take advantage of this moment, make sure that the review process is not overloaded with details and multiple steps.

Many companies have more customer ratings simply because their platform make it easy to do so.

A follow-up email takes advantage of the post-purchase moment, when a customer’s opinion on the product and experience with your brand is fresh in their mind.

Tip: Make sure your message is personalized. Keep your tone warm and carefree and seize the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your client.

4. Focus on expensive products

If someone makes a purchase of several products, on which of them should you ask for opinions?

Many brands choose to do this randomly.

However, data show that expensive products get more ratings, so it may be more advantageous to ask for reviews on the higher-cost item.

The Yotpo chart demonstrates that review rates increase as the product gets more expensive, with products that cost $ 100 or more getting the most reviews.


5. Offer rewards

If you need to get more reviews for your business, there is no more effective strategy than offering rewards.

People are more likely to participate when there is an incentive. So give that final push by offering them a reward for writing a comment.

We have found, for example, that discount coupons are really effective. You can offer one for the client to write a comment and another to share it on social networks.

How to use Discount Coupons on your Online Business

In addition, they help you retain customer loyalty once they return to your store to use the coupon.

How to Retain Customers

Encourage participation by creating personalized competitions and campaigns that are fueled by your customers’ ratings.

For example, post a photo of your product on Facebook with some specific questions and ask for opinions.

The easy-to-access social platform, combined with direct questions, will encourage responses from people who would otherwise not be reached.

It’s not necessarily about what you ask, but where and how you ask.

Use negative reviews in your favor

No company wants to receive an unfavorable analysis, but the good news is that the display of negative ratings actually improves customer confidence.

Negative reviews shown alongside positives emphasize their authenticity and prove to the consumer that they have not been manipulated.

Reviews also provide a unique marketing opportunity when worked properly.

Digital marketing to promote online courses

Make sure you respond promptly to a poor review with a personalized answer that addresses the complaint directly and cite specific details so it does not look standardized.

Offer a sincere apology, propose a solution and ask for a second chance, giving the customer a unique advantage as a potential incentive for him to buy with you again.

Once the error is corrected, ask the buyer to write another review of his experience.

This will show potential customers that you are willing to go far to take care of their needs.

Use negative reviews to investigate any faults and test improvements that could make your product or service better.

Important: Unless there is inappropriate language, never delete a comment!

Deleting comments shows unpreparedness and can seriously undermine your credibility, which leads to customer loss and consequent money loss.

Use Reviews to sell more Online Courses

To get more reviews is the first step in a marketing and sales strategy focused on social proofing, a known persuasion technique.

The more popular it is perceived to be a behavior, the greater will be the tendency for someone to behave in the same way.

This supplies the human being’s need to know that he is not alone.

Selling online courses using persuasion techniques is to guide the consumer to think in a certain way, to make the decision you want.

Learn how to sell online courses

After all, persuasion is nothing more than the ability to convince someone.

Show number of subscribers, number of visits, number of people enrolled in the course, testimonials of students and any other data that helps to create credibility and confidence.

Always post reviews that you received, as this encourages other users to also share their impressions.

It is necessary to keep this testimonials space active and updated, with answers whenever there are complaints and thanks to the positive comments.

Complete eLearning platform, allows you to disclose student testimonials on the page of your course.

In addition, we have the Student Area, where students can interact, sharing their doubts and impressions.

Ideal solution for those who want to create, sell and publish courses on the Internet without having to invest to start your own business, is a dynamic and customizable Learning Management System.

Whats is a Learning Management System

Visit our website, test the platform and see how easy it is to profit by doing what you love.