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How to create online courses: Case Escola de Código

How to create online courses: Case Escola de Código

For anyone who is in doubt about create online courses, nothing better than hearing about how was the experience of those who ventured on this journey.

Luckily, we have a lot examples, and we invite Patrick Espake, creator of the Escola de Código, to talk a little about why he decided to create online courses and how was the process.

Create online courses – Interview with Patrick Espake

Check out what Patrick has to say about the experience of building an online school:

What is your profession?

I am a Senior Software Developer.

Why have you decided to create online courses? What is your main objective with the project?

I am passionate about technology and innovation. I created the Escola de Código to share my knowledge of technology and help people who have an interest in the area.

In Brazil there is still a very large gap in this area, we import a lot of software and we have hired many tools from the USA. I created the Escola de Código with the aim of fostering the learning and development of technology in Brazil.

For our country to grow and become a strong economy we need technological advancement. Only with excellent technology we can make the Brazil a great country. Independent of governments, education is a duty of every individual and today, thanks to the internet, learning opportunities are available to all. In this scenario, gain prominence who is more keen and dedicated.

How the Escola de Código will work? It will be a class only, several modules, will be released new material on a regular basis?

At the moment we are creating the first course called “What is Programming?”, whose goal is to provide an overview of what is programming. Thus, people interested in the subject will be able to immerse themselves in this universe easily.

In the future we will have courses focused on specific technologies. The goal is to launch a course per month.

What is the teaching method adopted? Videos, brochures, tutorials?

How-to-do videos, well animated and fun.

You had already created online courses previously? What were the biggest challenges?

I had never created an online course before. I can say that this is not an easy task, it is necessary many skills that i am still developing. As the visual part of the videos, the roadmap of the lessons and the way of interaction with the students. 

Is being a learning experience very interesting and despite the difficulty I’m liking to create my first online course.

The school already has a student?

Yes, the school has 245 students from various parts of Brazil! I am very excited to see so many people interested.

What did you think of the experience and results?

The results are very promising, the students are attending enough and besides teaching I am gaining new friends.

Would you advise someone else to create online courses?

Free courses are the future. Today education is no longer limited to schools and universities. Everybody can teach and learn. The internet came to democratize the teaching throughout the world and has plenty of space for all who want to teach and learn.

The people who start now with certainty will be the big names of education in the future, I have no doubt that.

I am very accomplished for having built the, that is the platform where is hosted the Escola de Código. In addition to creating this startup, now I’m seeing the other side, much more real, of the owner of a school. Surely all this knowledge will also help the Escola de Código and the to become the great pioneers in the segment of Distance Education in Brazil.

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