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Online courses in the curriculum: what the market thinks about it

The eLearning market in Brazil and in the world is growing every year, showing that more and more educational institutions, companies and people are looking for a more flexible and affordable method of education. However, one question keeps coming up: online courses in the curriculum are well accepted?

Online courses in the curriculum: what the market thinks about it

5 reviews of recruiters on online courses in the curriculum

Many professionals question that, and the truth is that there are still restrictions on the market about having online courses in the curriculum.

In an interview made by with some recruiters, they said this happens mainly due to lack of knowledge and information about the quality of online courses.

Aware of this pre-established thinking, headhunters work to show managers that the achieved results matter more than how knowledge was acquired.

Check the reviews of 5 headhunters of the largest recruitment consultants of the country on online courses in the curriculum:

  1. Marcelo Cuellar, Manager of Michael Page in Rio de Janeiro

    online courses in the curriculum

“If it’s a course that brings learning and causes the person to have a best performance is valid, “he says. The rejection of the companies, according to him, is initial, and the results that the professional brings after making the course is what matters. “I believe in the combination of online and classroom education,” he concludes.

  1. Jacqueline Resch, managing partner of Resch Human Resources

online courses in the curriculum

“Online courses are not as valued by the market, but I believe this is the result of ignorance, prejudice and certain resistance against the new,” says Jacqueline Resch. For her, the tendency is for this mode of education to be assimilated by the market as the offer has grown every day. “I would never discriminate against a candidate for using the technology to expand their knowledge and skills. It would be utter nonsense in the digital age, “says Jacqueline.

  1. Jorge Martins, Robert Half headhunter

    online courses in the curriculum

“We do not distinguish whether a course is in person or online,” says Jorge Martins, from Robert Half. Also to him what is worth is the identification with the course and the learning achieved. “Now, professional should know that the distance education demands greater dedication,” he says. In his opinion the content is the same, what changes is the interaction. So the courses that bring together students on certain dates are the most suitable as they allow to have more exchanges.

  1. Sthaell Ramos, managing partner of People on Time consulting

    online courses in the curriculum

“Although this is not a new form of education, there is this idea that is new and for that reason there is some kind of prejudice,” says Sthaell Ramos. For her, the receptivity will increase from the moment you begin to understand the gains from distance learning. “Prejudice comes from lack of knowledge and to adapt to change, I think it will gain more strong, since we are in the era of technology,” says the expert.

  1. Joseph Teperman, headhunter and partner of FLOW Executive Finders

    online courses in the curriculum

“Distance learning is a wonderful solution for those outside the major centers,” says Joseph Teperman. However, he confirms that eLearning is considered with caution by the market. “As everything is new, online courses are still viewed with reservation by the labor market,” he says. Therefore, the “pioneers” (ie those who opted for this mode) will have some difficulty in being well accepted, he said. However, his view is that matters more what one learns than how she does it, whether at home or in the presence of peers and teachers.

We can see that online courses in the curriculum are no longer news and are being well accepted by recruiters, who for their part, work to change the view of the market as to distance learning.

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