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Start! Tips to help make your own online course.


A new year started and it’s time to take that idea off the paper. Put new projects into practice and see your business grows to greater heights.

If you are interested in share knowledge in a quick and efficient  way, here are some tips about how to create your own online course.

Define your public

If you have decided to create an online course, you probably already defined what is the subject, after all, nobody teaches what they don’t know. So the next step is to make it clear the theme and purpose of your course and to whom is intended.

After define who will be your students start to communicate directly to them, in their own words, and create strategies to draw attention, what will help not only to teach, but also to promote and attract new clients.

Break the content into segments

Break up your content into parts facilitates learning. Not only makes the process more dynamic and less exhausting, how creates a logical learning sequence.

Is important to remember that in online course students have the chances to pause the class and follow up according with their available time. Divide the subject in topics make it easier for students organize, study and know how they are progressing.

Choose the format of the course

At this moment the best idea is to do a good research on the internet about your options: video classes, animations, audio files, text, database and even live presentations.

Here is a simple tip: do a research about how each one works, choose what you like more and study the resources necessary to do it.

If you are shy, choose methods that only show the content in explanatory notes, or use audio too. If you have no problem in show up, tidy up and make a good quality recording.

Create a Lesson Plan

Time to sit down and create a great lesson plan. You already have the knowledge, now is all about define how you going to pass it to the students in a way easy to understand.

It’s easier than it seems, you only have to organize a logical sequence to explain the content. To help, show your planning to someone next to you, ask for opinions and practice a lot.


Create learning exercises, tests, projects and forums for debate. Promote discussion, reasoning, and the interest in the subject you’re teaching. Be available to answer questions. Follow up your students’ progress and if you think is necessary send support material like links to related sites and download content.

Choose an online platform

To sell your course you will need a platform, software that allows you to host your content. This is the solution that Coursify offers.

Through our platform the client creates its brand, customize name, cover image, title, subtitle, logo, domain and connects through its Dropbox, Youtube and Paypal accounts to upload content and receive payment. Students and results management are made by the platform.

You create your course and we do the rest. Is easy, efficient and an excellent way to share knowledge, start your own business and insure a new source of income. Success only depends of your work.

If you have any doubts, contact us through the email and we will do our best to help you.