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Corporate Training and Microlearning

Corporate training is the process by which companies empower and educate their employees. Various methods and tools are used for this purpose and recently the microlearning is gaining attention as a powerful new resource to train employees.

Corporate Training and Microlearning

Corporate Training: what is Microlearning

Corporate training trend, microlearning refers to deliver the learning material at lower doses, more easily assimilated. 

In other words, it is a Distance Learning method that delivers the content to the students in smaller lessons. Flexible and focused on the student, this teaching methodology is characterized by demand less time of the participant and less effort in its realization.

Because it is a more direct and short way of teaching, it have gained more and more space in the strategies of corporate training, since its benefits are numerous, such as:

  • agile and objective transmission of contents;
  • it facilitates and makes the learning process faster;
  • results in less time;
  • greater ease in producing and updating the content;
  • low cost of production and implementation.

A corporate training more short and objective is more suited to the fast pace of working environments today – full of information, deadlines and demands.

How to Apply Microlearning in Corporate Training

The microlearning is a teaching method that offers agility and assertiveness. Flexible, it allows you to incorporate different features in corporate training.

To help in the absorption of content and makes the learning more dynamic, you can use tools such as:

  • Games: gamification is tendency in eLearning and always a wise option to capture the attention of the student.
  • Quiz: apply a quiz is a more interactive and fun way to test the knowledge and encourage the study.
  • Podcasts and Videos: easy to produce, these are dynamic resources that help to teach more in less time.
  • Posts and online articles: encourage not only the reading, but the development of posts and articles as a way to fix the content and stimulate the reasoning.
  • Slideshows: pass the content and ask for the student to create slides about what was taught, mixing written and visual content.

There is not a default size for the microlearning. However, it is important to have in mind that this is a short course and that the ideal is that it is done at one time.

Considered by many as one of the best strategies for corporate training, with the help of an eLearning platform (LMS) as you can implement the microlearning in your company right now.

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