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Work at home: how to achieve this goal

Have you ever thought about work at home? Leave the office routine and be your own boss?

If as the vast majority of people, your answer is “yes”, this post is for you.

Work at home: how achieve this goal

Work at home: digital entrepreneurship

Tired of spend most of the day in a company with little chance for professional growth, more and more people feed the dream of work at home.

Young entrepreneurs, parents who want to have more time with their children, professionals who crave new challenges, the profile of those seeking ways to open your own business is broad and diverse.

For this reason, the famous “home office” is growing in popularity and no longer has the bad reputation of long ago.

Many startups start in a room, garage or corner in the living room, and soon take up more space or multiple spaces with professionals working remotely for the same business.

With good planning and determination, anyone can work at home and make as successful as if worked in a large company.

This search for flexibility, convenience and willingness to invest time and effort into an activity made with joy, it became easier as the digital entrepreneurship took shape.

The internet offers tools and resources that make it possible to conduct any business, like blockbusters as Amazon and Etsy.

With a little knowledge and investment, you can create your brand and occupation, working from home.

In summary, digital entrepreneurship is the act of creating an online business that works mainly on the Internet.

Great idea for anyone who wants to work at home, a digital company has the technology and innovation as basis and applies to any area of activity.

Work at home: why being a digital entrepreneur

Work at home: why being a digital entrepreneur

Unlike starting an offline business, a digital venture usually requires little investment and physical structure.

But at the same time, the digital market does not differ in practice of the physical market, because in the same way people buy, sell and exchange goods and services.

Among the advantages that an online venture offers, include:

  1. Growth of the digital market and online shopping habits

Economic crisis or not, the outlook is optimistic for the digital world.

A Google search shows that e-commerce is expected to double its share in retail sales by 2021, growing at an average 12.4% per year.  

work at home google data

According to IBGE, at the end of 2016, 63.6% of Brazilian households had Internet access and the expectation is that this percentage will continue to rise.

This number is justified largely by the use of mobile devices, especially smartphones.

All this has made the online shopping also increased, and today market experts already point that buy on the Internet has become a Brazilian habit.

A study by the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil) and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) in the 27 capitals of the country, showed that 89% of Internet users made at least one online purchase in the last 12 months prior to the survey.

We can conclude that the increase of internet access makes the virtual environment ideal to the development and consolidation of fully digital business.

  1. Business without barriers

Another advantage of this business model that makes it so attractive for those who want to work at home is the way it facilitates in conducting commercial transactions.

Without geographical barriers, you can promote and sell a product/service for those interested in any part of the globe, especially when we talk about distance education.

Even though there is a language barrier, we can not forget that there are people living in foreign countries, for example, who benefit from online learning.

With intelligent translation tools, other digital product, you can also translate and caption classes, which is why several prestigious universities are offering online classes, taking quality knowledge to those interested in learning.

This business model has also given rise to teleworking, hiring method adopted by many companies today.

Numerous positions do not require the professional being present at a particular location and allow he acts remotely, using digital resources to communicate with the contractor and deliver the job done.

It’s fast, simple and dynamic, advantages that benefit both the company and customers.

  1. Disclosure facility

If a few years ago it was necessary to spend thousands on advertising to get your business be seen, today we can say that the internet has changed this radically.

The online disclosure is more economical and created more equality between small and large companies at the time to disclose its product.

Digital marketing to promote online courses

It is true that you still need to invest if you want to get results, especially fast results, but on the Internet creativity speaks loud and may end up bringing more profit than direct investment.

To begin, the communication channels are available to all, often for free.

Platforms that have a huge number of users and visitors, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, allow you register and publish content for free.

5 tips to sell courses using social media

It will certainly be necessary apply time and effort to create content and start attracting an audience.

This applies particularly to the organic search results, in another words, be in much wanted first Google search pages.

Get these results can take time, so it is best to start as soon as possible with an integrated strategy with social networks and other platforms that are relevant to your target audience.

Still, the digital marketing allows various approaches to the customer and is the best option for those who want to work at home and spread your business on the Internet.

  1. Reduced costs

This is certainly one of the great advantages of having an online enterprise and work at home.

One of the biggest expenses for those who will start a business is to build a physical structure.

Since the purchase or lease of a space, spending on electronics, furniture, cleaning staff, energy bill, among others, the list of costs only increases.

You will work at home? You only need two things to get started: computer and internet access.

Of course, the material needed depends on the type business you want to create, but whatever it is, the costs will be minimal compared to assemble an entire company.

Another advantage is that if you need help, your staff can also be composed of employees working remotely.

Thus, you pay only the manpower, and has no concerns about the equipment they use, the energy it consumes, the coffee range, etc.

Additionally, managing payroll for any remote employees is made hassle-free by the ability to generate pay stubs online, ensuring that financial documentation is straightforward and professional. This digital approach complements the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operating your business from home.

Remember that when you work at home you will not waste time with displacement, restaurants, clothing and many other expenses that you have when you need to leave the house.

Of course you may need to meet with clients, but even that can be done online.

Work at home and succeed

Work at home and succeed

So far we talked about the advantages and facilities to work at home, but remember, there is no success without planning and dedication.

An online business may require less investment but demand much research and market analysis as any other enterprise.

Before taking your idea of the paper, you need to plan, assess the feasibility of the project, define how the operation will work and finally drawing a marketing and sales strategy.

Each step is vital for the success of your business and should be thought out carefully.

  1. Choose a niche market

Define the segment in which you want to work is the first step.

The ideal is to be in an area that you’ve worked on and that you have good knowledge about it.

Within this segment, identify a problem and think about how you can fix it.

Do not forget to make a competition research to make sure that you are not entering a very competitive and even saturated market.

How to validate my idea

Set the working field and the product/service that you will offer, determine who is your target audience.

Study their habits and desires is essential to polish your idea, offering the most assertive solution.

  1. Develop a business plan

Next step, find out how you are going to take this next step.

Time to put your head to work. Do a search on the internet for similar business models for ideas and a sense of what works or not.

Start setting your goals in detail, noting and organizing each step it takes to achieve your goals.

5 steps to keep your goal and start to create courses

You need to have a clear idea of how your business will work and support itself, as well as the risks it runs.

Learn about entrepreneurship, fill out a canvas or hire help to make a complete business plan.

This will help you to see the potential and possible failure of your venture, making clear what are your weak points and what needs to be adjusted.   

  1. Monetize

Time to define how you will make money.

Even if you are already happy to work at home and do not think of profit large sums, you need to think about how your business will be sustained.

How to sell courses

Every beginner company has an investment phase and lots of work before start to see the scale balance.

This is normal, but profit should always be the goal, so you need to draw a strategy and do the math on how it will happen.

Will sell a product or service? How it will be done? It will be a single purchase scheme? Subscription plan? What amount will be charged? There will be different values?  What is the financial forecast?

How to make money

It is important to set all this before putting your business online, otherwise its life can be short.

Why online courses are a good option for those who want to work at home

work at home creating online courses

We have already pointed out here the continued growth of elearning market in Brazil and worldwide.

What is not surprising, after all, we can easily list some of its advantages:

  • It does not require displacement;
  • It enables students to adjust their hours of study to the rest of their routine;
  • Enables learning at your own pace;
  • It allows learning diverse contents;
  • Facilitates specialization and professional development;
  • Eliminates distances;
  • With discipline and dedication, ensures a quality education with less cost and greater flexibility.

Analyzing all these points, it is easy to understand why online courses are much sought a solution for people who want to improve and expand their knowledge.

Nowadays, flexible hours, place and learning time are reasons that make a big difference for those who choose the distance learning.

Online Courses and Corporate Training

Factor that has great impact on the growth of the elearning market, the search for online courses by companies that want to empower their employees is increasing.

Several companies have already discovered the advantages of online training and are using this feature to qualify and update their employees.

Elearning and Corporate Training

A great benefit that this type of education provides is the ease of updating content.

Simply and quickly you can change, delete or insert new material on the hosting platform.

There are no printing costs, lost time, overtime and unnecessary displacement.

Business Training in Companies

Through a simple email everyone is aware of updates and can access the material, without causing any disruption in their routine work.

A skilled and knowledgeable staff is more productive and deliver better results, which makes your company more competitive. Elearning platform

In fast lines, an elearning platform is a software (LMS), a program that hosts your content and allows you to share it with anyone.

Learning Management System: what is

System practical, safe and easy to use, is exactly the solution that offers for those who want to create and sell online courses.

With you upload your content through your computer or other platforms like Dropbox and Vimeo and done, your classes are ready to be assisted.

You give access password only to those that you want and still be entitled to several benefits, such as:

  • 100% Web system in the cloud;
  • Responsive system with support for desktop, tablets and mobile;
  • Easy customization of the visual identity of the school and online courses;
  • Creation of courses with video, audio, images, text and files;
  • Integration with Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, Paypal and PagSeguro;
  • Receiving payments via Paypal and PagSeguro;
  • Discussion forum for students broaden their knowledge and networking;
  • Management of students and enrollment in courses;
  • Creation of courses organized in modules;
  • School and courses optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization);
  • Promote courses on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.

By hosting your course in you have access to a complete platform, with all the resources needed to create, sell and promote your content.

Visit the, test the platform and understand why we are the best option for your business and for those who want to work at home.