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How to create video lessons with more quality

Create video lessons dynamic, attractive and well produced is a common challenge for professionals who want to improve the quality of their online courses and attract more students.

Although record video is not difficult, there are some precautions that should be taken to ensure a good end result.

create video lessons

3 Tips to Create Video Lessons More Effective

Create video lessons is a process that requires little investment and can bring numerous benefits to both the teacher and the student.

With some equipment to record videos the professional can produce the material without leaving home, using the resources that he already have.

Preference among those who chooses to take an online course, create video lessons is a good way to ensure that your material stand out and give return more quickly.

Feature that helps the teacher to develop a connection with the public, making learning more dynamic and easy, check out 3 tips to create video lessons of better quality

1 – Create a script

Before tightening the record button, know exactly what you will going to say. Organize your content and create a script to help you explain it in a coherent and concise way, showing your student that you have complete mastery over the subject.

With the script in hand, read it in front of the mirror and practice as many times as necessary to ensure that your speech out without flaws, but does not sound like a robot. Keep a chat tone with your viewer, taking care to use a speech confident, optimistic and pleasant.

Hold the microphone about 5-10 cm from your mouth, laterally and not directly in front it. Do some tests to hear your voice and tone.

2 – Less is more

According to a survey conducted by Cisco, it is forecast that by 2020, 82% of all internet traffic will be generated by videos. In addition, the time of user attention is falling, therefore, invest in materials of short duration.

Your video should be relatively short: with 5 to 9 minutes in length, and no more than 20. Also, when you create video lessons take care for that your words do not leave by half.

Keep in mind that the better your oratory is, the easier it will be to the student understanding.

3 – Vary the presentation

Create video lessons is not synonymous with just talking to the camera. To produce a video you can enter different resources to make the content more interesting and varied, which helps a lot to keep the attention of the student.

Use options like “talking head” videos, slides, video tutorials, animations or video clips. In video lessons slides are very useful and easy to use. To make signs, for example, use a slide to illustrate something that you have written in the board in a classroom.

You can also use video transitions. It is a good option to give movement to the video as a whole.

To create video lessons of quality is necessary to practice, then start in a simple way as you learn and develop your skills and technological knowledge.

Material ready, it is time to access the, register your course and start calling your students.

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