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Digital Marketing and SEO to promote your business online

Digital Marketing and SEO are subjects very discussed here, due to their importance in the online media plan of any company or professional who want to promote their business, product or service.

Digital Marketing and SEO to promote your business online

Digital Marketing and SEO – Interview with Eduardo Bonfanti

Digital Marketing and SEO are terms often used nowadays when it comes to online advertising.

However, few people really know what they mean, what their importance and how to use strategies of digital marketing and SEO to promote their business on the internet.

To talk a little bit about the topic and give some important tips for beginners, we invite Eduardo Bonfanti, manager at the company MediaCo and expert of Digital Marketing, Online Media and Web Analytic, to answer some questions. Check it out:

In your opinion, what is the importance of digital marketing for a company, product, service or professional who wants to stand out today?

Essential. The digital marketing is of the utmost importance in communication and marketing strategy of a company (product, service, event).

Have you heard about “Cibridismo”? We do not differentiate more what is on and what is off, we are no longer on or off, just consume all that communication across different platforms, be it in a magazine or on a site on the internet.

We spent hours each week connected to the internet through computers, smartphones or tablets, and delete the digital communication of you marketing strategy is leaving out a large slice of the cake, perhaps the greatest.

Still on the digital media, the segmentation of target audience is super objective and assertive, we can detail and ensure that the target of the campaign is actually achieved. Formats of user interaction are impactful and remain in memory for much longer.

We have been able to work with various marketing goals within the digital platform through the different and varied types of media available. Measure the results, understand and improve the performance of a campaign. 

What are the online medias more used in digital marketing and which deliver the best results?

There is no ready recipe for this. The media plan will never be the same, will never be a solution packaged serving for all customers from different areas.

The solution to a virtual store of textile retail will be different, for example, from the solution of a technology company that sells a complex service. This is the point which can be frustrating for the client who hires the services of digital marketing and SEO from a company without precedent. Words to the wind, investments without financial returns, campaigns without planning and metrics, difficulties in calculating the return on amounts invested.

Hire a consultant or a digital marketing agency with expertise that can show you successful cases. This agency or consultant must be able to define with you the goals to be achieved, provide recognition for your brand, customer retention, conversion and sales. The starting point is the Strategic Planning of Digital Marketing, it will reveal the paths to be taken by your company.

For professionals who are starting in the online world and have little experience, what tools do you recommend to begin creating an online image and gain visibility?

As previously stated the Strategic Planning of Digital Marketing and SEO is the beginning of the process. Do not try to skip this step, by more superficial that it may seem it is your helm, will help you in the best and worst moments.

To understand what happens on the market, who your direct and indirect competitors are, define communication goals to develop a marketing strategy and a media plan.

It is not uncommon for companies begin this process without the help of a professional, believing that a website and a Facebook page will solve all your marketing problems, and it ends up being frustrating.

Sites that are not indexed by Google, fanpages without engagement, banners unattractive, campaigns without segmentation defined, is wasted money.

In addition to a site, which other online communication channels are essential for a company?

Again this will depend on the branch of activity that this company operates. I would say without fear of making mistakes, that today the content marketing adds a lot to most companies.

Your company create competent content talking about your area, your products and related services through a blog or a link to news. 

This combined with a digital marketing and SEO strategy can give a lot of visibility and bring in many leads for your company through the site. We can still cite the sponsored links on search engines like Google as another effective technique.

What is the best way to improve the positioning of a website in the search engines?

Create content undoubtedly is an excellent way to gain relevance in the search engines. SEO techniques should be in accordance and aligned with the words that are key to generate business in your company.

Could you talk a little bit about what is SEO and what is its importance to the digital marketing?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reference sites in organic form, is not a form of paid advertising, it is conquered by the seriousness of your website and the content you publish on it.

Through a search algorithm, Google, for example, identifies the sites more relevant in accordance with content generated, multiplatform accessibility, loading time of the website, among hundreds of other factors, and references the site that would have been more in accordance with the expression sought.

What SEO tips you can give to beginners?

The SEO is perhaps one of the most complex practical of Digital Marketing, its results show in medium and long term, so it should be a continuous job with annual planning.

The tip is to start with a planning detailing the key words and expressions, always work with long tail expressions, seek the recommendations of best practices of Google, take care with the ‘black hats’ which are practices considered as cheating by Google and may even be penalized.

Finally, a lot of patience. You will certainly need a professional help, or, if you have some knowledge and want to do this by yourself, you will need tutorials, videos and lots of content.

Ads and paid advertising are effective? Or is it better to invest in organic range?

Without doubt paid advertising make effect. If you have a well done planning with a target well designed the result is incredible. 

What can I say about better or worse? I do not think that there is practice without effect, there are actions poorly planned. I would say that the best is you be present on both fronts, organic and paid.

If you have a limited budget and has not hurry to appear in the first pages of Google searches, focus on SEO. But if you need to start receiving leads “tomorrow”, for example, your output will be the sponsored links, and to do this you will need a monthly budget for the purchase of the words.

How do I know if my website or blog is having a good range?

Very simple, we can choose a post to make the test through a Google search. We seek the key expression of that post, if you are well ranked will appear on the first page of results.

Another way is Google Analytics. With this tool we can see how many accesses your blog is receiving, permanence time of the visitor, who is the audience that frequents your site and blog and many other information. 

What is the best way to make the monitoring and analysis of the results of online campaigns? Is there any tool that helps to make this measurement?

Without doubt through the metrics evaluation. In general, when we create a campaign, we have a marketing goal to achieve. These goals may be different according to the area that your company operates.

To know if these goals are being achieved we created metrics for benchmarking and through them we can understand how was the performance of the campaign. 

The Google Analytics works well to make this analysis. Despite being complex, it manages to give full support for measurement of online campaigns. In addition, each player of online media provides a manager or media center where you can understand and measure the performance of campaigns. 

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