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E-learning market

In our last post we comment about the advantages of e-learning, the fact that the teaching method adopted in our classrooms was established in XVIII century, becoming archaic in front nowadays new technologies.

Not only the technology and means of transmitting information evolve, but also the society and its capacity. If a few years ago computer was a young people thing, impossible to be understand by the older generation, is easy to realize how this reality changed, you just have to look the gray-haired sir on the next table sending messages in WhatsApp, or how many over fifty people profile you can find in social networks.

While the means of transmitting and share information expanded, obstacles like place and distance felt down. To the joy and future of the youth born far from the best educational centers, appears the video classes, or like we call, the online classes.

New business

Since Salman Khan launched his awarded teaching method of free videos published on Youtube, many tried and begun their business in this field.

In the last four years many companies specialized at school subjects teaching through online classes. A good example is the company Geekie.

Created in 2012, it went further from just teaching disciplines like physic and history. With a selected professional team, the company developed algorithms to detect how each student understand better a subject, and with that information customize content and exercises to turn the learning process more efficient.

 “The association between technology and education is inevitable. The model based in the class with blackboard and chalk must fall in a few years. Teachers have to let the traditionalism go”, says the history teacher Hugo Calhau, according to an interview given to Exame magazine. Hugo divides his time between morning classes at schools and afternoons at Geekie, where he edits the history content to on-line classes.

Realizing this new market niche, other companies appear, like Veduca that translate classes of the best international teaching institutions to Portuguese.

Present X Future

Analyzing these information’s, some points are well established:

  • The students pass from secondary to main actor and searches for what wish to learn, improving assertively and efficiency.
  • Pass from several straight class hours to a more fragmented and flexible workload.
  • With the growing use of mobile advices like smartphones, learning becomes mobile.
  • Quality education accessible to all.
  • Teaching is no longer linear; it allows several ways of learning and information sources.

What can be observed is that this way of learning fits better to the professional that the market is looking for, the one capable to combine different information, make connections and presented a line of thought and solutions based in a broad vision of situation.

Is not accepted anymore be stuck on a chair for many established hours just listening, we search for knowledge in our time and space. And this is happening already.


For those interested in get in on this market niche and take advantage of its crescent expansion, Coursify offers a solution that will make your life easier.

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