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How to deploy global solutions in eLearning

How to deploy global solutions in eLearning

The global market for eLearning is growing at a rate of 15.06 per cent, becoming one of the industries in the fastest growing in the world. The online education is being widely used in the corporate world for a wide variety of purposes, such as training, upgrading of the team, among others.

In addition, learning platforms based on the cloud are also growing in popularity. These platforms can be accessed via the Internet quickly and easily, making eLearning a viable option for companies of all sizes and different needs. 

Global practices in eLearning

For companies that operate in the international context and has offices located in various regions of the world, solutions that adapt the eLearning content for people from different locations should be implemented. To this practice we give the name of global solutions in eLearning.

This unique and adapted learning helps companies to reduce travel costs for staff training and to maintain the efficiency of its processes, preserving their uniform crop.

For this to occur, there are some guidelines that the company must follow in order to avoid errors and create eLearning content effective for international students.

Adapt the language to the different audience profiles

Different countries and regions have different publics, i.e. people with cultural norms and dialects of their own. Use the same language for everyone will hardly be pleasant and easy to understand, and may hinder the learning process.

One possible solution is to research the cultural norms and dialects of the country in question, what can be done in collaboration with specialists from the region who know the preferences of learning of the local audience. In addition, the translation of content must be clear, avoiding slang.

Create a strong message

The adaptation of the eLearning  content for different audiences includes more than just a raw translation of the material into other languages. If this is done, many strong messages can be lost, jeopardizing the education.

The eLearning program written with the global audience in mind, excludes idiomatic expressions or cultural references, but the purpose of the message should be maintained. Phrases of purpose and important passages should be so understood and having the same message to all. Therefore, a careful work of translation adapts the text without losing the intent of its initial message, which is very important for the company to reach the desired results.

How to choose the ideal eLearning platform

Choose an eLearning platform is of paramount importance, because directly affects the effectiveness of the program. Among the most common options, we have the recruitment of a ready online platform, as the, or the development of an own platform, which takes time to be created and deployed.

You must also keep in mind that the access and internet speed varies greatly from region to region. Features such as streaming video may not be available for all students, and programs with large graphical interface files may not be the best choice.

To avoid setbacks, those responsible for the global eLearning program initiative should examine the options carefully and reach an agreement on the technology to be used and the project objectives.

The, for example, already offers its platform and all its resources for creation and hosting of eLearning content in Portuguese and English. With intuitive interface, it is not necessary any special knowledge in computer science to use the software and content can be uploaded from other global platforms, such as Dropbox and YouTube.

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