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Why use videos in your online marketing strategy?

We talked a lot about this subject here and even that you have not read our previous posts, is already quite obvious that the online marketing, the famous digital marketing, is the best way to promote your business on the internet and improve your sales results.

Why is the best way? Well, to begin, it has no prejudice, offers the same tools to small, medium or big sized companies. With a good strategy and a little creativity is possible to do a lot of noise with few money.

Another great advantage of online marketing is the possibility to make an accurate analysis of results, which assists in making decisions about the product and the publicity strategies used.

But that we already know, the novelty of this article is another. Today we are going to talk about a fact: videos are dominating the internet.

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Online Marketing and why investing in videos production

Several channels specialized in online marketing already gave the tip, bet in videos, they are the future of digital marketing.

The traffic dedicated to the consumption of online videos will reach 80% in 2019. Do not believe? Think is to little? Let’s do a quick analysis:

How much time, just in the last week, you spent watching series on Netflix? Videos on YouTube? Micro videos on Instagram? Keeping up with your favorite celebrity in Snapchat?

More than you even realized right? The trend is the consumption of videos increase and if you want to disclose your business, bet on it.

And why shouldn’t you? This is a great news for companies and professionals that are starting and do not count with a lot of income for investment. After all, to publish a video in the traditional media you would need to invest a sum quite high in programming space and time of divulgation, on the internet these costs simply do not exist.

The only cost you will have is to produce the video, but then do a search on the internet and note how many small and medium sized companies invested in modest productions, and thanks to a good narrative and a creative storytelling, have succeeded in turning their message in an interesting and shareable content, generating engagement and with a high potential for go viral on the network.

Everyone likes interaction

If you are in online courses area, must be adoring this post, after all, videos and interaction is your game.

As happens in classes, the user is tired of just listen, he wants to interact, chat, make part, to feel immersed. 

Videos have a high power of immersion and the tools to transform information into a content that really interact with the customer are there, on the internet for free.

You only have to be attentive to what happens in the virtual world and on society to have ideas and create a video capable of impacting and thrill people.

Capacity of segmentation and analysis

One of the great wonders of online marketing. Never before was possible to segment so well the public for which you want to send your message.

With the digital marketing, and more specifically with the video marketing, the possibilities of segmentation of the public are immense and this allows you to determine to whom your message is intended and focus on the production of assertive content.

In addition, it is possible to have access to very precise data about who watched your videos to obtain accurate metrics of performance of your campaign, which allows future decisions related to investments to be better made.

Marketing in videos to the sales funnel

There are several ways to apply the video marketing in online marketing strategy for your company.

If you have an email marketing strategy (highly recommended!) is an excellent material for sending with the last few emails from your sales funnel.

What type of content offer? The are several options and depends of your creativity, but in case of doubt, see what others have already done and it work, as videos with tutorials and recipes.

For example, why not teach people to use your product? And not just the basics, you can give tips on using and show other ways of making better use of what the product offers.

If you are already a teacher better yet. Give a sample of what your students can expect of your classes, tips for learning and teach something new, extra, as a bonus. Teach something different is a great way to keep your audience and demonstrate authority in your segment.

Another good idea to capture on video are customer testimonials, after all, an indication is worth more than a self-disclose.

The possibilities in online marketing are many and is possible to invest in video marketing as a strategy in all the steps of your sales funnel.

With creativity, some researches and the free tools that the Internet offers, focuses on the creation of campaigns to attract and conquer your customer.

While you dedicate yourself to do your video marketing, let the takes care of your business. Send an email to and host your content in a complete online platform, that have all the required functionality for the lodging and creation of online schools.