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New Year, time to put your online course on the market

A new year begins and, even though this does not mean that everything will be different and some difficulty continue, you can start with courage and a renewed desire to make 2016 a year of new achievements and professional growth.

If it is a new idea or opportunity you are looking for, a difficult economic period may serve you better than you can imagine. This is because in times of crisis the education market, online courses, professionalizing and technicians, grows. With the difficulty in finding employment many people invest in a course to prepare themselves better to be more competitive in the labor market.

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Tips to help create and sell your online course

Create and sell your online course is more simple than you think and can be your great chance to grow professionally and achieve a good source of income working in your own time and with a single boss, you.

The first step is to make a good market research. Define who your public is and what you can offer. For example, you worked years in the administrative sector of a company and know Excel as nobody; you even have a few good hints to facilitate the life of who is beginning to use the tool. Great! Plan how you are going to teach this and put into practice in a way that is not too costly, because it may take a little until you get a good financial return.

For this reason, unless you have too much money left to invest, start small. A great advantage of an online course is to allow the submission of didactic material in various formats. If there is still no money to create a video class well produced, with the assistance of a professional team of shooting, relax, opt for slides, easy tutorials, make activities available to assist the learning, make videoconferences to answer questions, use chats, etc. Not lacking resources for you to give their best and help his student to learn.

Done this initial planning of what will be the focus of your online course, follow some simple tips on how to bring your plan ahead:

  • Organize your course in learning steps, modules that facilitate understanding and through which you can keep up with the evolution of the student. This helps the teacher and the students to organize themselves and you can sell your course in parts, increasing your gains.
  • Dissemination at full steam. Use social networks, email, blog and any other online channel that offer a good contact with the public. Online media cost more time and effort than money, it is worth it.
  • Offer a free sample to attract the first customers. Some free lessons are always a good way to draw the attention of potential interested, convince with the quality of your online course and conquer paying customers.
  • Create a certificate for your course. In addition to delight your students, with this you also creates a new opportunity to publicity, because the chances of them exhibit their certificates in social networks or show them to other colleagues are large.
  • Continue, prepare your next course. After gain your first customers you will have already obtained sufficient information about what they liked or not. Learn, enhance your product and proceed to a next idea. With the right dedication online courses can become a profitable activity and your future exclusive job.

After all this your students will be your best publicity and, in addition to return to next courses will bring along new customers. Therefore, make you best. Even if your classroom at the beginning is not sophisticated, give the best of yourself to make your students learn and your effort will be recognized.

Liked the idea and need help to organize and host your online course? Give a hello to Coursify through the email, it will be our pleasure to help your course to be successful!