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Learn how to use the Net Promoter Score to improve the performance of your online course

The most efficient way to measure the success of your online course is to ask your students what their opinion of the material being offered. Simple, right? If you know how and what to ask yes.

The famous satisfaction survey is still the best strategy to measure the success of a business, but few people really know how to apply it correctly and efficiently, so that the results obtained may be converted into analyzes and changes sensibly.

So, marketing professionals and all other interested in knowing whether your product is pleasing or not, it is time to learn about the methodology Net Promoter Score.

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NPS as marketing strategy for online course

The Net Promoter Score is a methodology created in 2003 by Fred Reichheld and disseminated through an article in the Harvard Business Review.

The goal of NPS is to perform a search of satisfaction with customers of a given company, classify it according to your note and do the lack necessary for each profile.

The methodology is based on the following question, also known as “The Ultimate Question”:

On a scale of 0 to 10, how you would indicate this online course to your friends or family?

As nobody indicates something bad to people who likes and for that the intention of indication exists, the customer experience should be extremely pleasant.

Researches proved that when the NPS of a company increases, their profits also increase, making it a powerful KPI for decision-making and corporate planning.

After the completion of a quantitative research with “The Ultimate Question”, one or more open questions (qualitative) are made to understand the reason of that note has been amended to experience. It is important to have good judgment to decide the quantity of additional questions, because the more questions, fewer answers.

With this, customers are classified into Promoters, Neutral and Detractors, according to the rule:

Notes 10 and 9 – Customers Promoters are those that would indicate your company and are very satisfied with the quality of the services provided.

Notes 8 and 7 – Customers Neutral are customers who have had a reasonable experience and that are slightly satisfied with your services.

Notes 6 to 0 – Customers Detractors are customers who have had a frustrating experience with your company and would not indicate it by any chance, besides that they probably would not do business with your company anymore.

Through this division, to calculate the NPS of a company, the following formula shall be used:

% NPS = (% of customers promoters) – (% of customers detractors)

With that you have a value of the quality of services and products of a company.

Every company should seek to increase the number of client’s promoters, reducing the reviews neutral and detractors.

As the methodology is focused in action, you should always make a Loop Closing, which is the contact with a customer who gave note between 0 to 8 and learn why the experience it was bad, solve the problem right at that moment and ensure that an improvement is deployed after that feedback.

The NPS can be used in the marketing of your online course in several ways:

Right call

With the NPS is possible do marketing campaigns to customers in accordance with the degree of satisfaction and problems raised by them in relation to your online course. To do this simply measure the client satisfaction, perform the closing of the loop and direct a call and specialized content according to information obtained.

Know what the customer is thinking

Through qualitative questions made during the research it is possible to know with greater accuracy what the points of your online course that stand out and which need to be better worked.

In addition to helping improve the quality of your course, this information helps you to identify your differential in relation to competitors so that you can further strengthen your qualities, causing them to be priority when making new investments.

Customer retention

Ensure the satisfaction of your customer is the best way to keep them. If the NPS of your online course pointed to many unhappy customers, with certainty will be difficult to retain the students acquired.

Will be hours of marketing work thrown away by problems that are within the operation of the company, then stay attentive to qualitative results to know exactly what needs to change and improve.

Ensure the quality of your online course is critical to your success. Besides that, everything you need is a good platform for hosting it online. Contact the Coursify through the e-mail and know how we can make this part much easier for you.