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New Features to Improve Your Online Courses just launched some new features designed to improve your online courses and the experience of instructors and students on the platform.

There are four new resources developed to meet the main demands of our users and improve the creation of eLearning courses. Check out!

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New features of

On we are always attentive to feedback from our customers, listening to their requests and suggestions about improvements and new features on the platform.

This time, given these requests, we are launching four features that aim to improve and add value to online courses hosted on our LearningManagement System (LMS).

See below what these new features are and how they work. 

1. Terms of Service in Student Registration

We have introduced the option to create a Term of Service of the course that the student must accept during the registration process for the online course.

Now, instructors can go to “Custom Fields” and select the “Terms of Service” option to create the “Terms of Use” for their course, making the selection of this option mandatory so that the user, when registering, has access to the content.

This ensures that all students recognize and agree to the school policies and guidelines before continuing with classes.

This addition promotes transparency and establishes clear expectations, fostering a safer and more informed learning environment.

2. Conditional Release of Courses

Our LMS now includes a Conditional Release of Courses, which allows instructors to define prerequisites that must be met before students can access certain online courses. 

For example, if your course has basic level and advanced level classes, you can set it so that only students who have already completed the basic modules can access the others.

This ensures that the students build a solid foundation of knowledge, moving forward only when they are fully prepared. 

This feature is particularly useful for structured programs where the sequential learning is crucial to success.

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3. Online Exams

The new module Online Exams simplifies the process of creating, implementing, administering and correcting tests. 

Instructors can now easily design a variety of question types, set the pass rate, and monitor their students’ performance

Students can take exams remotely, receiving immediate feedback and results, which improves the overall assessment experience and supports ongoing learning.

The instructor can create as many tests as he wants, and they will appear in the curriculum of each course module, being a difference for online school.

4. Issuance of Certificate in PDF

Upon successful completion of online courses, students can now receive their certificates in PDF format directly from the platform.

This new functionality makes it easier for instructors to certify their students, as all they need to do is enter the student’s data and the certificate will be generated automatically when the course is completed.

To create a customized certificate, just insert your school logo and course information into the ready-made template that the platform provides. 

Making this customization is quite simple and the instructor can define who will receive the certificate and at what point in the course.

Whether to add to a digital portfolio or for printing and display, this feature adds significant value to student achievement.

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These new features are designed for both the educator and the student, promoting a more efficient, complete and rewarding educational experience.

  • Term of Service ensures clarity and agreement with institutional policies.
  • Conditional Release of Courses supports structured and effective learning paths.
  • Online Exam Module provides a robust and flexible evaluation system.
  • Certificate issuance in PDF offers convenient and professional recognition of achievements.

By integrating these resources, the is more capable than ever of meeting the diverse needs of modern educational environments. 

We are committed to continually improving our platform to provide the best tools for educators and students.

Complete eLearning platform, is the ideal solution for those who want to create, sell and promote online courses.

Serving companies and professionals in more than 60 countries, is a Learning Management System dynamic, intuitive and customizable.

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