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Snapchat for business: create content and attract customers

For those who have not yet realized, a notice: we are living in the generation of videos. Our beloved YouTube kicked the ball and it didn’t take long for all platforms and social networks come into play. Among all competitors, it is safe to say that Snapchat has the ball at the moment.

In short, the Snapchat is an application that allows users to share their photos and videos, keeping them visible for no more than 10 seconds – after that, the image or the film disappears and cannot be seen again.

Seems silly? Well, the application has more than 100 million active users daily, with a mark of 10 billion video views every day. Regardless of what you think about the apps function, these certainly are not data that can simply be ignored by your company.

Snapchat for business: create content and attract customers

How to use Snapchat to promote your brand and attract customers

To begin, download the application on your smartphone (remembering that the app is only available for iOS and Android so far). Yes, The Snapchat can only be used through a smartphone.

Sign up using your e-mail and creating a password. Remember not to choose a personal password if you are going to share the use of the application with more people from your team.

Then add a photo/image for your avatar and adjust the privacy settings. As an avatar photo choose an image that represents your business, as the company logo. This is important so that your customers recognize your brand quickly.

Time to add your friends and contacts. Be sure to search for people who enjoy your product and are aligned with the persona set for your business. You can search for users of the Snapchat by their register name, Snapcode or even for location.

Everything set, the time has come to start creating content! The Snapchat allows the division of everything that is produced in two main categories: Snaps and Stories.


Snaps are messages containing videos or pictures, which will auto destroy after being viewed by certain users. The main difference compared  to the Stories is that the Snaps sent may not be viewed by all your followers, only by those you select, allowing only an one time view.

To send a Snap, simply take your picture, or record your video, using the center button on the camera display on the phone. To leave the game more fun, the application offers several features that can be applied both in the images and videos, such as lenses, filters, legends, stickers, geofilters (more information below) and drafts. Just select what you prefer, apply, and so that your image is ready, click in the bottom on the left corner and select the users you want to receive that snap in particular.

Ten seconds that can never be visualized again is a great way to let someone curious and very aware of what is being displayed. Want to send a teaser of a product and leave the user interested? The Snap is perfect for this!


The Stories allow you to send pictures or videos to a mini-timeline that is tied to your user. Unlike the Snaps, messages sent to Stories are available for 24 hours and can be viewed countless times.

Do you realize the great value of this tool? Through short videos, recorded and released without costs, you can show your company’s products, their features, a little of your everyday life, work environment and other content that helps to create a relationship with your audience. 

Everyone loves a good story and with a little creativity you can transform your Stories into a true addiction for the buyer persona of your business. Another tip: nowadays many companies use the Stories to make coupons valid for only 24 hours. Imagine the conversion rate!


The Geofilter, or geographic filter, is a filter defined by the location of your GPS. The cell phone reads your coordinates as soon as you open the Snapchat, carrying the preexisting local filters.

Did not understand? Make an attempt: take a picture with the GPS active, and swipe your finger to the side of the image. Filters with the name of the city, and even in the neighborhood, may be chosen for your photo.

This is a great resource to be used in events, because the Snapchat accepts the submission of custom filters for your company or event, which can be used by clients that are nearby the venue.

But having a custom geofilter has a cost. If you are interested, you need to prepare an art by following the guidelines of the Snapchat and submit for evaluation. The prices for the inclusion of custom geofilter will vary depending on the scope and time in which it will be available. But, for events, is a excellent option, after all, the more people use, the greater will be the extent of your brand.

And this is just a little of what Snapchat can do for the disclosure of your brand. Stay tuned, soon we’ll teach some ways to improve the use of this application as a strategy of digital marketing.

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