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Virtual community as marketing strategy

A good relationship with the public is the wish and path to success of every company or business. The several social networks that exist nowadays make this relation easier and prove that people like to share their opinions and be heard. This communication is considered important not only by the public, but for many companies that understand the opportunity to talk with the costumer like a learning and development chance as well.


What to do before creating a community

To attract and gain attention of the public many companies are practicing the strategy of launch relevant content related to their business, however, this attention is turning to a new resource: the content created by the public.

Instead being the only one to offer content, companies and professionals are turning this process into a two-way street by using content created and shared on the Internet, like videos, texts, debates in forums, between others.

Creating a community is an excellent way to generate this collaboration by the user and even though many companies have already used this resource, is normal that a great part of them ended by giving up for expect that results came easily, even without a well plan strategy and hard work. Before creating a community all company should ask itself four questions:

  1. How the company goals can help to define what will be the community theme?

 If you know how to answer this question you already have a good chance to succeed.

To create a community you must do a strategic planning at the same way you do for every other business of your company. Creating a community that relates with the company goals is a good way to define which it will be it focus and subjects discussed. For example, many companies open a community with the purpose to offer support to the costumer. Not only the customer fells appreciated like usually leave a feedback talking about his/her experience with the product, which is an excellent opportunity of improvement and development for the company, as well as a free publicity that generates credibility and trust.

  1. What kind of resources you must use?

Is not enough to open a community and wait that people come to you and start to interact by themselves. It will be necessary put at least one person to manage and with time even a small team. This person should have a deep knowledge about the company products and services, grow relationship and promote interaction, for that the interest and participation does not end.

  1. What it will be your strategy?

After deciding the goal of the community is time to plan your development strategy and how to maintain it active.  A good idea may be doing a brainstorm to help generate ideas of approach methods and subjects that can create interest and encourage the interaction. This step may seem a bit more difficult and for help there is a great resource known by Community Roundtable that helps to elaborate scripts. Start, have patient and work hard. Is normal your community to be a little empty in the first, but with the right work soon it will bring you and your clients’ good results.

  1. Do you have an editorial calendar with relevant content to your public?

Is no novelty that the only way to keep the public attention is by producing relevant content that can turn into productive discussions. Define an editorial line, a list of topics that can help you to build the content, like:

  • News related to your acting field.
  • Articles and blogs relevant to the subject.
  • News about members of the community.
  • Comments about the experience with the product of members of the community.
  • Questions that may encourage users to give their opinion and debate.

Without any doubt a community is a great direct communication mean with the costumer. Like open one is for free, also is an excellent marketing idea for freelance professionals that wish to expose their work, attract potential clients, interact and learn with the public.

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