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How to grow your organic traffic on Facebook

Anyone who works in the digital environment knows that the success of any online business depends on the number of visitors it receives and how many of these convert into leads and, later, into paying customers. 

That said, there are several paid ways to attract a greater number of people to your website, such as ads and sponsored links, but for sustainable growth, the ideal is to be able to increase organic traffic, that is, attract visitors in a spontaneous way.

As social networks are important channels of marketing and relationship with the public, in this article we will focus on how to increase your organic traffic on Facebook in order to generate more sales for your business.


Why does Facebook deserve your attention?

Creating a relationship with the public should be the main strategy of any online business that wants to stand out and, to leverage this mission, nothing better than making use of social media.

For years holding the title of the world’s largest social network, Facebook continues to be an attractive online marketing channel for many brands. 

Just to give you an idea, the network attracts 2.29 billion daily active users and hosts around 40 million small business pages. 

If that doesn’t convince you, take a look at the data below:

  • Facebook Messenger has over a billion active users
  • Facebook is the social media that sends more traffic to websites
  • The average user spends about 50 minutes a day on Facebook
  • 38.6 % of the world’s population uses Facebook
  • 500,000 new users are added to Facebook every day (6 new profiles per second)

These (pretty impressive) numbers are why you should invest time and effort into driving more organic traffic to your Facebook page.

There are several marketing tactics and types of content you can create to grow your audience, such as:

  • Posts with text, photo or video content
  • Short videos on Stories and Reels
  • Create groups 
  • Conduct prize draws and giveaways
  • Use chatbots or autoresponders of Facebook Messenger to attend customers
  • Close partnerships with influencers
  • Go live

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Tips to understand Facebook and increase your organic traffic

To increase organic traffic to your website, blog or page, you need a digital marketing strategy, focusing on content marketing. In other words, it is necessary to generate content that interests and attracts the user.

Millions of unique users access social media platforms across multiple devices every day for a significant amount of time.

A giant in the middle, Facebook is the social network with the highest number of hits and, despite having been launched for a long time, it continues to grow and conquer new users. 

However, achieving results through Facebook is not an easy task as it may seem. In addition to the need for updating with qualified content, which takes time and work, the organic reach of business pages has dropped a lot.

Benefits of Content Marketing for your company

It happens that in recent years, Facebook has undergone a series of changes in its algorithm (a factor that determines the content that will be viewed by each user) and in its policies for positioning news on the users feed. 

The platform started to offer more options for paid advertising and started to limit the space and organic reach of companies. 

One way out of this is to try to understand which factors the algorithm considers relevant and try to apply this in your publications.

The only problem is that, as with Google, no one knows exactly how the social network determines what is relevant to its users and what is not. 

What we currently know comes from the experience of several companies that use Facebook. It was based on this knowledge that we have listed the following tips to help improve your organic traffic on the platform. 

Post quality content

We’re all tired of saying this, but as a first fundamental rule, it’s always important to repeat. 

Pages that publish qualified information and add some value to people’s lives, teaching, informing or even entertaining, gain a greater chance of appearing on the users’ news feed.

When in doubt, follow the rule of thirds: one third of your content is your ideas/stories, one third is direct interaction with your audience, and the last third is promotional content.

Don’t overdo it

Keep your page updated, but be moderate. Nobody likes companies that overwhelm their audience with information and ads and end up hogging their feed. 

Especially when the content is promotional, it irritates both the user and Facebook, and can end up taking down your organic traffic for good. 

While there aren’t an exact number of posts that would be interesting to do, many social media professionalsdo n’t recommend more than three a day in the feed. If you want to go beyond that, opt for quick posts in Stories.

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Post during off-peak hours

It sounds strange, but the logic is simple: on off-peak times you’ll get less competition. With fewer people posting, your content is more likely to stand out. 

It is also important to do an analysis via the Audience Insights about the times that your audience usually accesses your publications. 

To further improve your performance, run tests and establish a publication schedule based on your audience’s browsing routine.

Use and abuse of Facebook Insights

As mentioned above, Facebook Insights is an excellent tool created by Facebook itself that allows you to monitor and evaluate the results of your work.

Through a simple analysis it is possible to verify what is working, which posts your audience likes the most and thus change your strategy and actions to achieve more effective results.

Go live 

Facebook has made a big investment in its live video tool, encouraging and giving greater visibility to pages that use this feature.

Live video gets 4-7 times more engagement than other Facebook posts. Many brands have already registered up to 10 times the engagement.

Q&A is one of the most effective live video formats for B2B companies. For B2B and B2C, try demo videos, introducing and explaining how to use your product.

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Use compelling images

Having visually compelling content is essential to standing out in people’s increasingly crowded feeds. 

Research has already shown that Facebook posts with images get 2-3 times more engagement than those without images. This is important because the more engagement, the more the algorithm understands that content is relevant and favors organic traffic to the page that publishes it.

However, posting low quality images and videos can make you look unprofessional and end up discouraging the visitor, so be careful with your Facebook post template.

Install Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel)

Meta Pixel is a small code installed on your website to enable tracking, testing, targeting and analysis of Facebook and Instagram posts. 

This analytics tool lets you measure the effectiveness of your ads based on the actions people take on your site.

At you can add Facebook Pixel to your account on Google Tag Manager and then register the Google Tag Manager container ID in the Resources -> Integrations -> Google Tag Manager menu and it will work. See how easy it is:–How-do-I-add-the-Facebook-Pixel-javascript-on-Coursify-me-

You only need to configure it once per site.

Mix your post formats

Audiences like novelty, so give it to them in as many ways as you can, including varying the type of media used in your posts. 

If you mainly post images and your reach is low, try creating some videos and see if that changes the amount of organic traffic your page has been getting. 

Experimenting with new types of media will keep your content stream fresh and engaging for your audience. Also, you may find that there are post formats that perform better than the ones you usually use.

Importantly, while Facebook has never officially confirmed it, many marketers believe that prioritizing posts in new formats in the news feed results in more reach. 

Experimenting with newly invented post types like 360 ​​video or Facebook Stories can add benefit to your organic traffic if the algorithm prefers new formats.

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Increase your organic traffic and sell more


Organic traffic for brands on Facebook is like water in the desert: it’s essential, but it’s hard to get.

There are no wrong answers here. Apply the tips above and track reach metrics to understand what is working best.

Keep trying new tactics, testing your strategy and putting out great content, and you’ll see the results show. 

The important thing is to maintain consistency and a good publication schedule.

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