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10 Ideas for creating social media content

Creating social media content is part of the routine of any professional or brand that wants to establish itself in the market. However, continuously generating new posts is a lot of work and requires creativity.

To help, we’ve rounded up 10 content ideas that have been tested and approved by brands with a strong digital presence. 

10 Ideas for creating social media content

How to create social media content with high engagement power

Social media has become a significant part of most people’s daily routine.

According to a recent Pew Research Center, nearly half of Americans use Facebook multiple times a day and 70% access it at least once a day.

This number makes it clear that people love to follow and know what their friends, celebrities and favorite brands are doing and saying.

It is also to social networks that people turn to when they want information about a company, product or service, looking for testimonials from other users or looking to interact directly with the brand.

Furthermore, there are over 3.8 billion users across various social networks and the number of mobile device owners continues to increase, indicating that this number is only expected to grow.

For this reason, it has become essential for companies to prioritize their content generation strategy for social networks. 

However, to have good results, publications must be frequent, and it is not always easy to create compelling content.

To help, we’ve put together 10 social media content ideas taking into account current trends.

1. Focus on video

Yes, videos are still on the rise and should be an important part of your strategy.

A scene from your daily life in stories, a cut of your video lesson or a lecture, or even a trend from TikTok.

Everything can be taken advantage of, just make a plan, record the content and see what appeals to your target audience the most. 

Another tip: bet on subtitles! Many people follow the video through subtitles, muting the audio.

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2. Take it personally

If you’ve been using stock photos in your social media posts, it’s time to stop. 

While they look nice and make your posts feel more professional, they don’t work as well as authentic images. And as a result, they are bad for SEO.

Also, if you work with the sale of physical products, it is on good quality photos of these items that you should focus, as your audience will not feel confident in purchasing something they are not seeing clearly.

Here are three tips for creating great images for your social media:

  • Hire a photographer or use your smartphone to take pictures of you, your business or product.
  • Make sure your images match the text around them. The photos should summarize concepts and emphasize the main points pointed out in the caption.
  • If you work with the sale of services or infoproducts, use your own image to generate authority and trust.

3. Repurpose your content 

Have written a blog post or recorded a video for YouTube? Take advantage of this material to generate social media content.

Break denser content into smaller pieces and create images, graphics or short videos to feature on your channels.

Visuals have a high power of attraction, especially when they offer information that is relevant and easy to read.

So here are some tips for what you can create:

  • Present the main points of your content in an infographic.
  • Extract quotes from your content or rephrase your main points to make them shareable.
  • Cut your videos and loop them to generate more views.
  • Make a carousel with your top tips on the topic.

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4. Share customer testimonials

If you’ve been in the world of digital marketing for more than two days, you must have heard about the famous social proof.

Social Proof is a psychological phenomenon that refers to people’s dependence on feedback. That is, they want to know the opinion of others before making a decision.

Research shows that 72% of consumers don’t buy a product before reading a review about it, and 67.7% say it affects their purchasing decisions.

This data makes it clear that satisfied customer reviews are powerful sales pitches for your company.

Highlighting reviews and testimonials about your products and services is a great way to show that people love and trust your brand.

Another great advantage is that this social media content is produced by users and all you have to do is put it in the spotlight.

Choose your best testimonials, place them in posts where they are very readable, and create captivating captions to accompany them.

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5. Promote sweepstakes

A quick way to gain more followers and increase your page engagement is by running sweepstakes and promotions.

You must have seen and even participated in some action like this on Facebook or Instagram, after all, everyone wants to win something for free.

Here are the 3 methods of organizing social media sweepstakes that work best: 

  • Like, comment and share to participate. Users like your post and share it with friends to enter the competition.
  • Tag a friend. The more friends your audience tags, the more chances they have of being drawn.
  • User generated content. Users create posts according to a theme you’ve set and tag your business to participate.

Remember, always follow the contest rules set by each social media platform. 

Each platform has different guidelines, so before you spend time and effort crafting your campaign, review them first.

Go here for the complete list of Instagram’s contest rules and here for Facebook’s rules.

The interesting thing about this type of social media content is that it works well for any type of business.

If you sell online courses, for example, you can draw free access to your course, or a considerable discount on the purchase price.

6. Cite and tag influencers in your posts

Influencers are powerful sources of social proof, as your followers trust their opinion and want to have what they have.

So even if you can’t pay to have your product directly mentioned by an influencer, creating social media content that mentions something they said or did can bring good results.

But don’t stop there.

Be sure to give credit to influencers you’ve cited by mentioning them in your posts:

  • Tag them on social media with a link to your content.
  • Create an eye-catching image and tag the influencer in your message.

They certainly won’t complain about the free advertising (if done right, of course) and in return you gain the attention of their followers.

7. Tell stories 

Combine the power of video with one of the oldest and most proven techniques in getting people’s attention: storytelling.

We always say here that you shouldn’t sell a product, you should sell a transformation. And how to do it? Telling a story of how it changed your life or that of others.

Create a simple video script telling a story that people can easily relate to, and record videos following that plan.

This video can go on your website home, stories, as content for social networks and even be the theme for a live

Take advantage of this material to get maximum engagement and never let this type of content get off your agenda. Over time, record new customer testimonials telling how your product changed their story.

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8. Ask questions 

In order for your social media content to be noticed by the algorithms responsible for improving the positioning of a website or social page, the more interaction on the part of users, the better.

This is why polls and question boxes are all the rage on social media these days.

Instagram itself offers several features that make it easier for brands to stimulate this interaction on the part of the audience. So, don’t be begged, ask without fear.

Make quizzes, polls, ask them to comment with emojis what they think or with pre-agreed words. 

Anything goes if they stay longer on your page, as this makes it clear to the algorithms of each social network that your page is relevant and deserves to appear more. 

9. Feature industry news

One way to connect with your audience and establish yourself as an authority is to bring news about your industry.

The key is to respond quickly to current events that your audience cares about.

Put on your editorial calendar to comment on some important news at least once a week.

This can be done quickly through a short video or even a regular post, with just an image and text.

Whether it’s an analysis of industry news you have an opinion on, or just some new information you want to share and comment on with your followers, this is an easy way to generate social media content.

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10. Enjoy memes

Everyone loves a good meme. Either because we identify with it or simply because they make us laugh.

Social media is full of images and videos that go viral overnight, and you need to leverage this to your business’s advantage.

Often you don’t even need to do research looking for the next hit, just scroll your feed a little and see what audio or video appears repeatedly, used and interpreted by different people.

Use this material as a basis to show something about your business or just adapt the message to relate to your content.

With a little creativity, your engagement can skyrocket!

Hit Social Media Content and Grow Your Online Audience


As you can see, social media marketing is a powerful tool to grow your audience and gain brand awareness. 

With creativity and effort, you can create engaging content that drives more traffic to your website and generates sales for your business.

Using the tips above, it is possible to assemble a good content agenda for social networks and keep your channels always updated.

In addition, keep an eye on the insights that Facebook and Instagram offer to see how your most recent posts are performing and find out what is driving the best results.  

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