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5 Tips on how to write SEO blog posts

The blog section of your website brings a lot of traffic if you invest time and effort into creating content. But to get good results faster, you also need to know a few tools and techniques that will help you create SEO blog posts.

Keep reading if you want to rank on Google, bring traffic to your business page, and take your blog’s SEO to the next level. 

5 Tips on how to write SEO blog posts

Do Keyword Research for SEO Blog Posts

If you want to write well-optimized blog posts to rank better on engines like Google, you need to find the keywords with high search volume.

Despite having a high-quality and grammatically perfect article, for people to find your business page, you need to start your SEO journey with keyword research.   

Features of Keyword Research  

There are exact features that you need to pay attention to conduct experienced keyword research. 


Your task is to rank on the engines’ first page, for that you must find the keywords with high search volume. You can use tools like Google Adwords, Ahrefs or Semrush to find relevant keywords and their monthly search volume. 


Besides the search volume, you need to determine keyword authority. Several keywords have super high authority on popular websites and at first you can’t compete with them.

So focus on finding keywords with good search volume that don’t exactly match the most popular ones. Focus on long tail keywords.


Search engines are smart, and your content will rank for its relevance. Imagine that you Google ” How to write an article for media,” which brings up information about media literacy. The main keyword is media, but it does not relate to literacy. 

As a writer, you need to stay relevant with your keyword research so that engines will read your content and you will have professional SEO blog posts. 

Let’s look at a example on how to ranked on Google with smart keyword research.


As you can see above, “AI interviews” is a high authority keyword. It would be very difficult to rank on Google with this keyword, so you have to found an alternative with high volume and relevance but less authority from popular websites.


A smart alternative was to use the keyword “AI-powered job interview.” The keyword has a high monthly search volume as artificial intelligence is a popular topic. 

If the first keyword had been chosen, it would be impossible to rank on Google, as the competition had been targeting the keyword for years.

As a content writer, you must be flexible and attentive to keyword research before drafting your articles. 

How to define keywords

Know who you are writing to

Targeting your audience will help you to have a straightforward and easy-to-read message in your article. 

Before drafting or brainstorming, think about your ideal reader. SEO audit would be helpful to get some demographics about the age, gender, and geography of your readers. 

Think about the language of your blog post. Is it for beginners? Can you use some technical words without definitions? Again, you need to think about your primary keywords and what kind of audience will search for them. 

Great SEO blog posts require an attentive approach to primary keyword research. For structuring and delivering professional articles, try to use specific templates and strategies. 

For example, if people search for ” AI interview companies,” they somehow know about AI interviews and AI interview structures and need information about companies. The best way of using this keyword would be a short introduction about AI interviews and a more significant focus on companies. 

The most common mistake writers make while trying to have SEO-friendly writing is relevance—the relevance with the keyword and their audience

To avoid these mistakes, shape your ideal readers based on an SEO audit, conduct constructive keyword research, and be picky with your every choice.

If you feel that all these tasks are too much for your workload, then hiring your desired virtual assistant (VA) will save you time and money as you can have secure help and coordinate all the tasks accordingly. 

Structure Professional SEO Blog Posts

People live busy lives, and they need to get information quickly. Therefore, when they open your articles, they will skim them and then realize if there is a need to read them further. And this is how your body paragraphs and titles should be extra appealing and informational for the readers. 

Sometimes it is quality vs. quantity in content marketing, and you must provide high-quality body paragraphs to get higher demand. 

Use H1,H2,H3, H4 tags. All your titles should be relevant to the main topic and keywords of the articles. Use subheadings and put relevant keywords right in the subheadings. 

Therefore, every detail is essential for classification. To make your article more interesting, you can use new features like Icon fonts. The important thing is to maintain the coherence of the text and use relevant words.

Why is this so important? Imagine that you have already done your keyword research and have SEO-optimized content, but you still have a high bounce rate

It is common for beginners to focus on keyword research and forget that they are not writing academic papers but are delivering blog posts. 

The people who will read your articles do not need academic structure, as they haven’t searched for it. Your texts should be informational and appealing to the reader. 

Benefits of Content Marketing

Visuals Matter; Communication By All Means 

Visuals are essential for great SEO blog posts. Sometimes your approach should be “show, don’t tell,” and you must find the best way to present visuals. 

Let’s have an example of a wedding website that tries to generate leads. In the blog section, they will try hard to present their benefits. But the representation of wedding guest books or photo albums would be the better way to appeal to the customers. 

Focus on the purpose of your visuals. Do not search for random stock images just to have them. Your content needs to be fluent, and each part should have a vital purpose for communication. 

Use creative photos and interactive animations in your content. You can find many free resources; thus, Freepik have a high range of stock photos, which can be helpful for SEO blog posts. 

Also, you can further enhance your images using editing software. With these tools you can give new life to your photos, lighting them up, creating cool effects like cartoons, and much more.

Whether you use stock photos or take pictures for your content, make sure to keep it relevant and attractive.

Insert Relevant Links to Your Post

Search engine optimization is also about the number of relevant links to your pages. And this is why you should also strive to include some relevant links in your SEO blog posts. 

It can be relevant content, a tool, or anything that will help your readers to examine the topic further. 

Keep in mind that Google and other engines conduct a semantic search to examine the importance of your website. They use several indicators include your keywords, the number of links that lead to your website, and visitor behavior onsite through analytics. 

Many websites have policies to accept guest posts and links from other sites, which can be very advantageous both in terms of generating relevant content and financially. However, it is necessary to create guidelines so as not to drop the quality of your blog.

While drafting your articles, read other relevant articles about the topic to make a reference and make sure they are not your competitors.

Link-Building Essentials 

Link building is the procedure of creating one-way links, “named backlinks,” to a website to enhance search engine visibility

Thus, all the popular websites have link-building systems, which is how they maintain their relationship with search engines.  

Many successful SEO firms in the UK use unique link-building tactics, and to get an idea about new strategies, you can check their methods and services. 

Links determine the quality of a webpage, but as in the case of the keywords, you still need to pay attention to the relevance and authority of the website. 

As a writer, you need to find quality articles that can enhance some of the dimensions of the topic you have discussed. 

In the next stage, you can use Semrush or Ahrefs to determine their authority and relevance; afterward, add them to your worksheets to give credit to your post. 

link building

The results above show that “SEO technical audit” ranks websites that have high backlines. 

This keyword has a commercial side and is hard to rank with. Therefore, link building enabled it to rank on the first page of Google and currently helps the website with it monthly organic traffic. 

Link building: 5 techniques that give results

Keep an Eye on Bounce Rate

After you have published your first article, you have the constant task of following the results of the published content. 

After publishing your articles, you have a high bounce rate, meaning that people click on your articles and skim them but do not stay on the page to read them. Of course, it can be stressful for you as a writer, but you need to understand the reason behind this issue. 

Many times, for having professional SEO blog posts you need to modify the structure of articles. 

There are several reasons your content can have high bounce rates. The keywords you have used might not be relevant to your articles. Another issue can be your article’s structure and the design’s user-friendliness. 

How to Structure Your SEO Blog Posts 

An inspiring and engaging introduction can make your reader stay longer on your articles. You should explain why the reader should read the articles and why it is worth their time. 

Telling them that you have some tips and tricks from your own experience would be an excellent reason for your readers to spend time on your article. 

Writing great SEO blog posts is like trying to paint a picture. You need to have an adequate flow from the introduction to the conclusion. 

Imagine if we had told you all the key hints about link building and structure in the article’s introduction. Would you read the body carefully? 

Probably not, as you will already have the answer to the questions you were here to read. 

Therefore, restructure your articles that have a high bounce rate. 

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BONUS TIP: Know Some Useful Tools for SEO Writers

We have covered the keys to SEO-optimized content but haven’t mentioned the essential tools you might need.

As we mentioned, tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Semrush and SE Ranking can help with the keyword research and SEO audit.

Regarding the article content, take into account that you don’t have to rely on your knowledge of every topic; you can explore further and discover something appealing about the subject. 

Organize a research-based article writing approach.  Do your research two or three days before the deadline for your first draft. 

Remember that you need to give credit to the experts in your articles so they will be cited, and at the same time, your readers will know that it is a reliable source to get information. 

Another great way to conduct a survey or research, besides Google, is LinkedIn. You can gather several experts from different fields and organize focus group discussions. 

You can get new and relevant ideas nobody else has discussed from those discussions. Do not miss the chance to stand out from the crowd and bring your own structure to the content writing industry. 

Also, you can use Grammarly for a quick grammar check

Use SEO Blog Posts to Sell More Online Courses


Content writing is about clarity and relevance. You appeal to search engines and humans if you have clarity and relevance. 

Writing SEO blog posts is about dedicating time and effort and, at the same time, staying unique for your audience. 

Remember, people, write because nobody listens, write in a way to become the constant and attractive sound of your readers’ ears. 

Produce content regularly and soon you will see your traffic growing and, consequently, your sales increasing.

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