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12 best video recording apps in 2020

There are dozens of video recording apps that let you do everything with your recording.

The options are numerous and to help you select which ones are the best, we have made a list of the top 12 in 2020.

12 best video recording apps in 2020

Why record videos for your business?

You’ve probably realized that posting videos is one of the best ways to get your audience’s attention.

Content that is easy to consume and assimilate, is undoubtedly what generates the best engagement today.

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The good news is that it has never been easier to record and edit quality videos. Gone are the days when you needed tons of expensive equipment and had to wait to download everything to your computer. 

All this thanks to the mobile devices that are increasingly present in our daily lives. According to Statista, the projection is that in 2021 the number of smartphone users in the world will grow to an impressive 3.8 billion.


This makes it easy to understand why there are so many apps out there trying to get your attention.

But if you are looking for the best among video recording apps, keep reading and see the list we have prepared to make your choice easier.

12 quality video recording apps

The countless video recording apps that exist on the market differ mainly because of the features they offer.

Below you will find a selection of the best programs for those who want to produce quality content and achieve a more professional result.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Well known among those who work with design, photo or video editing,  Premiere Rush comes with all its power now to the palm of your hand.

The idea of ​​the tool is that the video is ready quickly. To start, just select the files from your photo library, Dropbox, Creative Cloud, among other options. 

The app’s professional camera lets you make high-quality videos and edit them right away. Add music and titles, apply effects, organize videos, audios, graphics and photos by drag and drop. Its tools also allow you to cut videos, use speed controls to adjust time, adjust audio, enhance colors with presets and personalization.

  • Available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows
  • Free, but offers a paid plan 

2. Apowersoft

One of the most popular video recording apps, Apowersoft is a great solution for recording games and making tutorials. 

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Easy to operate, just shake the screen to start and shake again to stop recording. It supports screen recording with internal sound audio and via the phone’s speaker.

The app allows the display of the phone screen on your PC; it allows you to share recorded video clips through other applications and comes with the “Privacy Protection” function, to prevent the leakage of private information during recording.

  • Available for Android 
  • Free, but offers a paid plan 

3. FiLMic Pro

Another high-performance smartphone application is FiLMic Pro, which has a simple interface and can be easily assimilated by the user. 

Features standard, manual and hybrid shooting modes; shooting directions in portrait or landscape; variable zoom speed; options for special effects of slow and fast motion; adjustable time-lapse recording; etc.

Recorded video, you still can adjust the settings (exposure, contrast, saturation, hue, color temperature) and save the presets. 

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Paid

4. iMovie

iMovie is one of Apple’s video recording apps, so you’ll only find it in branded products. With it, you can start editing your material on the iPhone or iPad and finish on the Mac.

The app allows you to add solid, gradient and patterned backgrounds to movies; slow down or speed up any clip; use PIP, green screen and split screen effects; select from over 80 soundtracks that automatically adjust to the length of the video; add sound effects, music from the music library and your own narration; among others.

In addition, with iMovie you can share your videos directly on social networks with just one touch.  

  • Available for iOS
  • Free

5. EZ Screen Recorder

Another celebrity among video recording apps, EZ allows you to record what happens on your device’s screen easily and smoothly. 

Just one touch to take a screenshot. You can set different video resolutions, frame rates and automatically choose the best settings for your device.

When the video recording or screen capture is finished, you can easily share the content with other applications, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Available for Android
  • Free

6. ProCam 8 

An application that will take your Apple device to the next level, ProCam 8 offers features and controls for iPhones that were previously only found on DSLR cameras.

Among the available features are manual control of exposure and focus, white balance and a multitude of options for different image and 4K modes. 

ProCam 8 costs $ 5.99 to download and start using, and has a huge list of features that you can purchase if you want. 

  • Available for iOS
  • Paid and with in-app purchases

7. VideoShow

VideoShow is the ideal application for those who want to integrate photos, videos, music and text.

The program offers more than 50 themes designed to generate a music video, hundreds of background music, various text styles and fonts for captions, filters, gifs, memes, emojis, as well as advanced editing functions. 

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Perfect for making creative videos, you can find the app on the  App Store and Play Store.

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Free, but with in-app purchases 

8. Open Camera

Open Camera is one of the most powerful video recording apps today. It offers dozens of features that were previously only available in professional programs.  

With it, in addition to the traditional exposure, focus and white balance adjustments, you also have access to features such as taking a photo remotely making noise or using a voice command, configurable volume keys, inverted viewing option for use with dockable lenses, support external microphones, etc.

Open Camera is an open source application, so you’ll find it for free on the Play Store. 

  • Available for Android
  • Free


MAVIS  is another option for Apple devices. It differentiates itself from others video recording apps by offering a good list of advanced features and allowing recording in HD, 2K and 4K.

The application has support for dual camera, custom audio inputs, settings for capture and exposure speed, chromatic vector in real time and custom frame rate. 

And that’s not all: MAVIS also allows you to connect external devices, such as microphones and recorders. The interface is clean, intuitive and gives you access to all features with just one touch. 

  • Available for iOS
  • Free, but with in-app purchases 

10. AZ Screen Recorder

Easy to use, the AZ screen recorder allows you to record your screen in FullHD and QHD videos, and is the only screencast app on the market that can be paused and resumed during recording.  

Excellent for making tutorials, this application allows you to configure the video resolution, screen orientation, share or delete the recorded videos, has no watermark and time limit and even offers the option of live streaming to social networks. 

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To improve, the app does not display ads and does not require root access. 

  • Available forAndroid
  • Free

11. Movie Pro

If you want an app with similar features and as powerful as FiLMic Pro, but don’t want to spend a lot, choose Movie Pro.

This application offers a number of advanced features, such as manual focus and exposure controls, on-screen audio control and support for Bluetooth microphones, photo capture, recording MultiCam, among others.

The application costs US $ 6.00 on the App Store, which represents a great cost-benefit for those who want to make more elaborate videos.

  • Available for iOS
  • Paid

12. DU Recorder – Screen Recorder 

DU Recorder is a high quality screen recorder that can be downloaded for free. 

Simple to use and packed with cool features, you can enable the front camera, recording external sound, make cuts, combine your videos, add background music, make animated GIFs and even share content such as live broadcast in the major video platforms.

At the end, it is possible to save the video in the memory of your smartphone or share directly on any social network.

  • Available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows
  • Free

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What else do I need to record quality videos using a smartphone? 


Although it seems more practical to record and edit videos on your phone, you still need to dedicate yourself to achieve a quality result.  

In addition to good editing, you need to pay attention to ambient lighting and the setup of your home studio. 

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Take care of the organization of the environment around you, taking advantage of the landscape, the light and, of course, “your best angle”. 

Equipment like microphones are also important. They make a big difference in the quality of the captured audio, which is essential for recording online courses and tutorials.  

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With a cell phone with two cameras, you will almost always want to use the device’s back camera. It tends to offer the best quality and generally supports recording at higher resolutions. Use a tripod to give the device better stability.

Looking at these factors, it will be much easier to create your content and you won’t have to make many edits to correct these details.

After that, and choosing the video recording apps that suit your needs, all you need to do is select a platform to host your content and, finally, make it available to your online course students.

How to Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform

ELearning platform (LMS), has all the necessary features for you to integrate and import content from video hosting platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube.

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Instructors can embed their hosted videos in any of these channels on their page on, leaving their lessons even better and more complete.

Visit our website, make a test and take advantage of all the features of our platform to make tutorial videos and create quality online courses.