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3 Tips to Sell Online Courses

To sell online courses you need a concise strategic planning, or hardly your Distance Learning course will have a future in the market.

sell Online Courses

Strategies to Sell Online Courses

There is no miracle to sell online courses. As any other product that you want to sell in a competitive market, it is necessary to invest in disclosure.

With the growth of the online market and e-commerce, the main marketing actions drawn up by companies currently have the internet as a focus.

Consumers in the digital age in which we live, search for a product or service first on the internet, and tends not to give credibility to a brand that does not have a solid online presence.

This reality is an advantage for those who want to sell online courses, since the communication and marketing through internet is much more cheaper. But, at the same time, makes competition fierce, and to stand out in the midst of thousands of search results, the seller must go to the customer.

To guide your strategy, check out three practical tips of how to promote and sell online courses.

  1. Use the tools at your disposal

Yes, social networks are important channels of contact with the public and should be used to sell online courses. We talked about how to use social media in the best way here.

In addition, create and deliver content for your product or service is critical to improve its positioning in the search engines, attract and help you develop a relationship with your target audience.

All this can be done through the following channels:

  • YouTube: Share videos about your course and even some lessons for free to increase the curiosity of the student and create credibility;
  • Blog: create content that interests your target audience and attract visitors to your website;
  • Email Marketing: develop a segmented strategy for e-mail marketing according to the sales funnel;
  • Social Networks: work social networks in an integrated way and promote your online course on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Google+;
  • Sponsored Links: Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are tools that bring results in little time.

A digital marketing planning well done works all these channels in an integrated manner, focusing only on selling online courses.

  1. Customize your material

Even if you develop your online course alone, when it is ready you will need a place to host it, so your students can access it.

This place is called eLearning platform (LMS). An online platform for distance education courses as the offers space and all the resources that the user needs to sell online courses, such forms of conduct financial transactions and receive payments.

In addition, the allows each instructor to has his own domain and customize page, keeping your visual identity.

This is very important for the online school stand out among the others and the student has a strong reference image, gaining more confidence in the product that is being offered.

  1. E-commerce to sell online courses

Have a well structured sales page is essential to sell online courses.

The e-commerce is a more viable option and has a better cost for professionals and companies market products, because the high investment needed to open and maintain a physical store it’s not necessary.

In addition, there are several types of integrations that are effective and of utmost importance for the student experience, and this makes the difference at the time of hire.

The offers integration with the main tools of online payment, such as PayPal and PagSeguro, allowing financial transactions over the internet be done safely, easily and efficiently.

Complete platform for those who want to create and sell online courses, the has everything you need to put your course on the market right now, and the best, it’s free!

Visit our site, learn about our platform and know why is the best option for your business.