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Learn how to improve your website and attract more customers

How to improve your website, decrease the bounce rate, engage users and win new customers is the common goal to all who want to sell a product or service through the internet. 

Learn how to improve your website and attract more customers

What you need to know to improve your website

Nowadays, if you want to succeed in e-commerce is necessary to invest time and resources to improve your website and establish a solid online presence.

Who creates and sells online courses is no different. To make your product known, attract customers and gain credibility, you must use all the interaction and engagement tools that the virtual world offers.

Everyone has heard about the importance of creating relevant content, be present in social networks, keep your website update and monitor results, but even with the help of analysis tools like Google Analytics, you truly understand and know how to work with the data provided?

To help improve your website and optimize your online strategy, let’s talk a little more about bounce rate and what to do with it.

What is the bounce rate?

The bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors who came to your site, viewed the content and left without performing any action.  

One thing you should know is that not always a high bounce rate indicates that your content is bad. This can happen because, when it is calculated, no matter how long the visitor stayed on your page.

For example, even if a visitor stays on your website or blog for an hour reading the contents that are available and then exit, this will be considered bounce rate, because he did not perform any action.

Now, if another visitor also enters your website, click on a link, opens the page of an article and leaves after a few seconds, he will not be counted as rejection.

To assess the quality of content, it is important to always analyse other rates of engagement too, as the average time spent on the site.

How to improve your website and decrease the bounce rate

To improve your website, there are some actions that you can perform, such as:

  • Value the user experience: create friendly articles, well organised (use subtitles, topics, images) and easy to read and understand. This also applies to the page layout, which must make the navigation fast and intuitive.
  • Create efficient CTA’s: call to action are buttons and other elements that invite the user to interact with your page, such as a signature of newsletter, a chat window, button to download content, etc.
  • Insert internal links: to improve your website use and abuse of content, seize everything you have. If you wrote an article that relates to another that you have posted previously, insert a link between them. In addition to providing more information for the user you causes him to interact more with your site.
  • Make a light website: if your page takes forever to load, it is very likely that the visitor will leave. Keep an eye on the size of the images and other effects and elements that may make the website heavy.
  • Have responsive content: access to site via mobile devices is increasingly common. Having a website responsive means that it adapts to different devices, allowing navigation on any screen format.

To improve your website you need to be alert to these good practices that decrease the bounce rate and optimize your positioning in search engines. 

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