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Content monitoring for digital marketing strategy

Nowadays digital marketing is necessary for the growth of any business, and, therefore, we talk a lot in here about different strategies and marketing tools that can be adopted by companies, regardless of their size and financial resources.

When it comes to digital marketing, the emphasis goes to the content production, after all, it is through it that search tools located and elect the relevance of the site at the time of delivering results for the user.

However, today we will focus on a parallel marketing strategy: the monitoring of content.

Content monitoring for digital marketing strategy

How content monitoring can help your digital marketing strategy

A complete digital marketing strategy addresses and uses multiple channels and tools of communication with the public.

It is no news that the internet provides a more direct contact with the customer, besides providing features that enable the segmentation of the audience, offering companies the chance to send its contents for those who really have an interest.

But we must remember that these resources are within reach of all, which makes the fiercest competition and the race for presenting new ideas and updates, increasingly frenetic. For this reason, monitor what your competitors are doing is essential to try to always keep a step forward.

If you are still in doubt about whether it is worth spending energy with the monitoring of content, check five reasons for you to begin to include this activity in your digital marketing strategy:

Content marketing

As mentioned earlier, the main focus of the digital marketing is to attract and engage customers through relevant content.

For this varied tools are used such as blogs, videos, e-books, email marketing, among many other forms of communication with the public that, if properly harnessed, transform the company in a reference to its stakeholders.

With the quantity of materials launched in the market daily it is important that the marketing team learn what the competitors are doing, in addition to being an opportunity for prospecting potential partnerships with other brands, the so-called co-marketing, to launch new materials and do email campaigns to increase the base of qualified leads.

Relationship on social networks

If your digital marketing team is aware of all the news and features that involve your segment, in addition to always be updated and able to suggest new insights that can enhance your product, they also remain prepared to conversations with the consumer.

Demonstrate deep knowledge about the area in which you operate is essential to conquer the image of authority on the subject and turning into reference. Through tools that generate a direct communication with the public, such as social networks, the marketing team can offer and share information that are relevant to the user, creating a relationship of trust which works as a great means for obtain the customer loyalty.

Link building

Whoever knows a little about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knows that one of the major factors of ranking occurs through the link building.

The link building consists in place internal and external links within the page of your website or blog article, for example, that direct the user to other pages that bring information related to the subject sought, offering more options for the reader to find the knowledge that demand.

The use of this feature is very well seen by Google, which uses it as a topic of relevance to SEO. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to select some portals to make partnership, linking your article to them.

Through these partnerships you can also monitor if the results are positive or not by the increase of the number of visitors on your site.

Brand monitoring

Monitor what is being said about your own brand is essential to always be with your digital marketing strategy updated and assertive.

In the case of negative news or feedback published about your company, be aware of what was said with the maximum speed, which allows you to anticipate, producing a positive response to your customers, preventing the issue increase of size and make more noise.

Positive news should be recorded and reinforcement. They can give great feedback and insights for the sector of communication and marketing, also they are good material for the press department.

Marketing of opportunity

As the name says, this is the marketing that takes the opportunity. Thanks to a reality that is increasingly interactive in that events appear in internet almost in real time, the fastest has the chance to take advantage of a news that has already gained notoriety to create a campaign that relate to your product.

Through content monitoring the company can use the marketing of opportunity, which when well drafted, is capable of attracting a great buzz for the brand, and the best, with a low cost.

But this strategy demands agility, because the faster you create your response and more creative it is, the more effective will be the campaign.

In short note, the tip of the day is: stay tuned! The number of information related to your market is huge, and you always need to be updated for being able to communicate well and keep ahead of the competition with a strategy of digital marketing well formulated. is an online platform for creation and hosting of online courses. With many features, the software allows you to create all your materials and page the way you prefer, applying your own visual identity and working your content to optimize the search. If you are in the online education market, give a hello to us through the e-mail and leverage your results!