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Digital Marketing: Tools for Optimizing Your Blog

Every passing day the battle for consumer attention increases. Traditional marketing loses space to digital marketing, which is faster, more focused and economical, and brands start to increase their interaction online, using blogs and social networks.

The focus is content creation. Offer the consumer information of interest to attract a qualified audience and sell more. Maintaining and optimizing your blog, therefore, is no longer an extra, but a norm.

Digital Marketing: Tools for Optimizing Your Blog

Why You Should Have a Blog

With nearly 4 billion people around the world currently connected to the internet, there has never been a better time for companies to include blogs in their marketing strategy.

Blogs not only drive traffic to websites and promote your products and services, they also help build trust with your potential customers.

To succeed as a blogger, you don’t need to be an expert in writing, there is only one requirement: passion for the topic you are going to cover.

Step by step to create a blog

Writing about things you are passionate about makes the process of getting started and optimizing your blog much easier. As long as you’re writing about things you’re genuinely interested in, your visitors will also be interested.

But why would you bother to blog? Here are some reasons:

Attract leads

One of the main reasons every business needs a blog is to increase its visibility. Simply put, the more content you create, the more opportunities you will have to appear in search engines and drive organic traffic to your site. 

Blogs provide the perfect platform to strengthen your SEO strategy. Your business can increase your chances of generating traffic and converting leads by creating new, well-written articles that incorporate keywords, images and videos.

Generate content for your social media

Blogging is a simple way to get discovered on social media. 

Every time you write a blog post, not only can you turn it into content for your social media, you’re creating content that people can easily share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other channels. This helps expose your company to new audiences.

Gain recognition for yourself or your business

A successful blog can earn you a lot of recognition in your respective field.

Many people are known as experts just because of their blogs, and all recognition can turn into sales of your product or service.

Build a community

Blogging at its core is interactive. You write a post and people comment on it. 

This is a good way to connect with people who are interested in the same things you are, share your knowledge and learn from your readers.

Build an email list

Email marketing is still a solid marketing strategy, but it’s not always easy to get people to subscribe. 

This is where a blog can help. If people find your content informative, relevant and engaging, they are likely to subscribe to receive updates or access new posts.

How to create a successful email marketing campaign 

Optimizing your blog: 4 tools that can help

A corporate blog needs to maintain good communication with its audience, presenting relevant information, linked to its area of ​​expertise, but without turning into something dull and repetitive. 

Its main objective is to expand the company’s reach by creating interesting content that reaches the right people.

To turn this channel into an advantage over your competitors, some tools can be decisive, especially those that work with keyword analysis and planning.

How to research keywords for your SEO strategy

With resources, information and analytics, no matter your experience or the size of your business, you can still come out ahead. 

Check out four tools to optimize your blog that make all the difference.


SEMRush is a platform that analyzes keywords and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategies.

More than 7 million users have already tried Semrush in different countries.

The company manages more than 20 billion keywords, 142 geographic databases and 808 million domains (data as of March 2021).

Key Points:

  • Calculates which keywords are most used by your competitors.
  • Domain analysis: resource that generates complete data and various reports to assist the user to generate competitive intelligence and finalize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) activities.
  • As with organic results, the tool also provides the main keywords used by your competitors in paid ads, between certain periods, in addition to informing the budget used by them and the result they are getting.
  • The platform also has features that point out the geographic origin of your backlinks – the external mentions that direct to your website and help improve your Google ranking; video campaign planning; and a very useful keyword research and suggestion tool for optimizing your blog.

The software is organized by tool groups: SEO, Local SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing and Competitive Search. These groups help to manage the Digital Marketing strategy in a more logical and organized way and, of course, help optimizing your blog.

Digital marketing to promote online courses

There is a free trial version and three plans paid: Pro, Guru and Business.


Buzzsumo is a software that allows marketers to search for the most consumed and shared topics on the Internet. 

Its main differential is to identify what was shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Key points:

  • Can identify which are the influencing users – that is, the ones that have the greatest impact and increase the total reach by sharing a certain link.
  • It answers several questions relevant to the creation of content for your blog and other online communication channels: what are the most shared links currently related to keyword X? Which articles from my competitors are the most shared and have the greatest impact on the audience?
  • Delivers the result of links in order of highest number of social shares to lowest. For each page, you can see the backlinks, the number of shares per social network and the main public shares.
  • It confirms which terms are most relevant to a particular sector, which are the related topics and the language of the articles that best suit the audience your blog intends to reach.

To use BuzzSumo you must join a paid plan. You can test the platform for free for a specified time.

How to use social networks to sell online courses

Moz Extension

This is an extension for Google Chrome essential for anyone working with SEO.

It shows DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) values ​​plus more page details such as title, description, etc.

Key Points: 

  • In each page you visit you will be able to see information relevant to Google’s algorithm, such as metrics linking and social shares.
  • For Google searches, Moz inserts a band below each result, also showing important metrics that justify the link’s position.
  • The keywords of all your Google searches will be accompanied by an indicator of the “difficulty” of the word, that is, the level of competition with other results.
  • Allows you to create custom searches by engine, country, region or city.
  • Quickly assess the page authority and domain authority of any site or page.
  • Find and highlight keywords on a page and differentiate links by type: Followed, Not Followed, External or Internal.
  • Exports the search engine results page (SERP) analysis details to a CSV file.

There is a free version of the extension, but it is possible to buy a paid one, which offers more complete data.

Keyword Planner – Google Adwords

A famous feature of keywords search, Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a feature offered by Google itself.

Key points:

  • You can predict how much conversion a keyword could bring to your ad and blog article or which keywords are the most cost-effective for your business’ paid advertising investment.
  • It has three main functions: searching for new keywords, forecasting and estimating traffic for keywords, and testing volume and growth for your keyword list.
  • Informs the number of searches performed with a certain keyword monthly; level of competition for that term in AdWords campaigns; graph that shows the volume of searches for that word in the last year; among others.

With Google Keyword pPanner (free tool) you can get traffic and search volume estimates for the keywords you are considering. This data it’s great for optimizing your blog and improving your website’s SEO.

Copywriting Tips

Optimize Your Blog and Sell More Online Courses


While blogging takes time to pay off, this strategy generates lasting rewards as it attracts organic traffic and helps drive new and repeat sales over time.

By increasing your online visibility, you get more visitors and, in turn, conversions and sales. Therefore, to sell more online courses you need to invest time and work in becoming an SEO expert.

Content Marketing Strategy, with a well-planned and consistent posting schedule, you’ll be optimizing your blog and getting even better results.

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Learning Management System: What is it?

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