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Create a landing page to sell your online course

We are almost entering a new year, but always give time to learn a little bit more to begin 2016 with fresh knowledge and ideas renewed!

Throughout the past year we dedicate ourselves to help and encourage you to create your online course, win a new source of income and realize the dream of having your own business. If you have successfully, congratulations! If is in process, do not worry, we are still here and we will teach you a little bit about how to build a landing page, a simple and efficient sale tool.

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How to optimize the sale of your online course using a landing page

A landing page is a page of entry, a page which takes the user directly to that he seeks. For example, when you click on a sponsored link or in a banner that is doing promotion of a shoe and is redirected to a page that takes you exactly to the announcement and shows how to buy it, this is the landing page.

The logic is that when you click on a link to a campaign, the customer should be directly routed to that proclamation offered, instead of being sent to a homepage, where will be hard to find what you are looking for.

Landing pages are sale pages and must be worked in an optimized way to achieve the expected result, sell your online course. Otherwise can mean the loss of potential customers.

In general, there are six fundamental elements on a successful Landing Page to sell online courses:

Sale proposal

  • The main call: main idea of page (course name, theme of course, etc);
  • Support call: text of support to the main call, an additional information (outbreak of course, how many modules have, promotional price, etc);
  • Call of reinforcement: mentions the advantage, differential of course, information that proves your results;
  • Closing argument: idea, sentence of impact in the end of the page.

Image or video

Use images, videos or some other multimedia element to show the customer a little bit of the course. Efficient resource to attract and give a clearer idea of what the student can expect, which is the content and potential of the course. Use image or video also helps to break the monotony of texts and leave the page more attractive.


  • General advantage: why the student must opt for your course.
  • Detailed list of advantages: important for the customer to have total concept of what he will receive when hiring your course.

Social Proof

Data that generate credibility, as:

  • Testimonies: portrays the opinion of students who have done the course and is one of the best ways to influence new students to subscribe;
  • Quantity of enrolled students: passes credibility regarding the quality of the course and confidence in the hour of purchase;
  • Average assessment of the course: a percentage that show how is the rate of approval by the students.

Call to Action (CTA)

Indispensable, is where you want the visitor click. An action button, this possibly will be the Registration button.

Relevant Information

Organize clearly all relevant information for the customer to know how to proceed, as:

  • Forms of payment;
  • Form of contact for more information;
  • Information about the company;
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Follow this guide and you will have an organized and efficient landing page, ideal for not losing the customer at the time he is interest and with intention to purchase.

To ensure the total success of your online course, host it on a platform easy to access and safe as Coursify. Send an email to and start 2016 with full energy!