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PagSeguro: how it works and what its advantages for your business

Platform of Group UOL, PagSeguro is leader and pioneer among payment platforms in Brazil.

With numerous options to make payment through the internet or in physical stores, understand why the PagSeguro is the right choice for your online course.

PagSeguro: how it works and what its advantages for your business

What is PagSeguro

Cumulative data from Statista anticipates a 246.15% increase in worldwide ecommerce sales, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021.

By the close of 2017, B2C ecommerce sales will hit $2.3 trillion worldwide. B2B ecommerce, on the other hand, will reach $7.7 trillion. Those two data points represent a 234.78% difference in market size.

The massive opportunities of global ecommerce are too big to ignore.

“It is a consistent trend worldwide, the frequency of online shopping grows every year”, said Ricardo Neves, partner at PwC and expert in retail and consumption.

But for all these business transactions take place over the internet, a system is required to process each transaction and make “the bridge” with the financial institutions.

Here is where PagSeguro enters as a payment platform that works for both virtual and physical stores.

The PagSeguro is an integration system that acts making the connection between the sale place (virtual or physical store, e-commerce or website) with the mode of payment that your customer chosen.

The moment your customer clicks on “complete my purchase”, the gateway will be responsible for mediating the payment action, ensuring that all financial data and information from your customers remain confidential and secure.

With over 600,000 registered stores and 40 million buyers, PagSeguro presents the complete solution to sell on and off the internet.

How does PagSeguro works

How does PagSeguro works

The PagSeguro is a payment facilitator for entrepreneurs, sellers and buyers.

Any person or entity can create an account on the platform through which they can receive and make payments easily and safely.

Also, you can choose different payment methods to provide to your customer, such as credit cards, online debit, bank slips, deposit account and balance transfer between PagSeguro accounts.  

Payment via credit card can be parceled up to 18 times, with or without interest, but the total value falls into your account within 14 days after purchase.

Working with various financial institutions, the site accepts cards of 17 brands and online debit of five banks.

To create an account, the process is very simple, just follow the step by step below:

  • Access the PagSeguro page and click on “create an account”;
  • Choose between “seller” and “buyer”;
  • Complete the online form and accept the terms of use;
  • Wait to get an email from the platform, confirm and finalize the process of creating your account.

At the time of purchase, the PagSeguro can open in three different ways, depending on the payment interface option that the site on which you are making the purchase selected:

  • Transparent Checkout: the customer stay at the same website and enter his data normally. Most often, the client does not realize that was the PagSeguro who performed the transaction.
  • Lightbox: opens a PagSeguro window, pop-up style, and the customer makes the payment within this screen.
  • Standard: the buyer  is directed to the PagSeguro website and there fills his data and password.

There is no charge for tuition or membership fee to have or create an account.

Receiving payments with PagSeguro

To start receiving payments there are some more bureaucratic details that you have to go through, but it is necessary to increase your security.

In general it is quite easy:

  • Login and click on “verify account”;
  • Enter your bank account and other required information;
  • Within 4 days will be made 2 deposits into your account from a value between 1 and 99 cents;
  • Log again and click on verify account;
  • Use the exact values of deposits to prove that you own the account and confirm;
  • After the account is verified, login and choose whether if you want to receive by prepaid card or direct into your account;
  • Enter how much you want to receive and confirm.

To use PagSeguro you just have to install the gateway in your virtual store or an app on your phone. It is easy and fast.

The seller does not pay anything to use the service, only being charged a value when the sale is approved.

What kinds of stores can use PagSeguro

Businesses and shops of different sizes and areas, physical or virtual, can use PagSeguro.

To physical stores, the platform have machines to pass card, as Moderninha PRO and Moderninha WiFi.

There is also the option of credit card readers and even payments via mobile.

To make life easier for those who work with Marketplace (site that sells products from other stores in exchange for a commission), the PagSeguro offers a Split system, which divides the money of each part on sales and make payments.

The PagSeguro also works with recurring payments (fees), common in the sale of services such as online courses, SaaS, streaming, newspaper, and many others.

Ideal for e-commerces of all kinds, the platform also allows use payment buttons on your social networks or send links by e-mail, an alternative useful for self-employed and professionals.

Advantages of using PagSeguro

The PagSeguro offers numerous advantages for both sellers and buyers, and one is in relation to its payment release system.

In case of purchase, the platform only releases the money after 14 days, giving enough time for the buyer to open a dispute and recover their money if there is any problem, as undelivered or defective product.

The seller, besides not having agreements costs with banks and card managers, outsources various processes, such as risk analysis, as the PagSeguro is fully responsible for installments and payments.

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With more than 80,000 online stores using the platform, see other advantages that PagSeguro offers to its users.

Purchase reminder

To assist the seller in the case of shopping cart abandonment at an online store, the PagSeguro sends an email warning the consumer that the product is still available.

This works to reawaken the desire to buy and drive the user to complete the operation.

Cheaper shipping

The “Shipping Easy” is a PagSeguro partnership with the Post Office that leaves the freight up to 70% cheaper compared to conventional shipping price.

Freight can be paid using the balance of the sale made and the customer is notified, by email, when the goods were posted.

Payments via mobile

Who doesn’t have an online store can purchase the PagSeguro debt and credit player and receive by phone or tablet.

The user buys the player, download a free app and connect the phone or tablet. No need to pay monthly fee for using the machine, only pay for what they sell.

This option provides more flexibility to the professional and is already widely used by those who work on the street, such as taxi drivers, private teachers, sellers, etc.

PagSeguro advantages for those who sell online courses

PagSeguro advantages for those who sell online courses

This year, the company that previously operated only in the domestic market, made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange with its stocks highly valued.

They raised in only one day at least US $ 2.3 billion, which is the largest offer made by a foreign company on Wall Street since the giant Alibaba appears.

Industry analysts believe that the PagSeguro performance on the New York Stock Exchange must follow growing. In 2017, the company recorded net income of R$ 290 million until September, with an increase of 225% over the same period last year.

Consolidated payment platform, PagSeguro is associated with reliable service, capable of providing security to your business and your sales.

Ideal for those who want to sell online courses, the platform enables the receipt of payment in a lump sum or on a recurring basis (monthly).

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In addition, the PagSeguro offers collection management, reminder emails to your customers, support by email, installment credit card and, with its entrance on the international market, will soon be accepting foreign cards.

Simple to use, your students can make the payment with ease, safety and from anywhere.

Complete eLearning platform (LMS), the has integration with PagSeguro and PayPal, allowing you to receive payment in the currency of your choice.

Present in more than 60 countries, has pleasant and intuitive interface, perfect for you start your own business without investing anything for it.

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Ideal solution to create, sell and publish courses on the Internet, visit our website, test the platform and find out why we are the best option for you.