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How to turn your work into an online business

The world is increasingly digital, it is no secret. With much of the population opting for do everything online, like shopping, pay bills, work and study, it is no wonder that professionals are looking for a way to turn their work into an online business.

How to turn your work into an online business

Online business: how turn your work into an online enterprise

You do not necessarily have to abandon your work to get your online business.

Depending on what your goals are, there are some options to consider:

  • Working exclusively with a product / service online;
  • Having an online and offline business at the same time;
  • Slowly transitioning your work offline to online.

Decide your goal is the first step to give birth to your online business.

Before taking any action, make a brief assessment.

Take pen and paper and make a list of what you already have that can help you build your online business. For example:

  • Website
  • Accounts on social networks
  • Email contacts list
  • Online audience

If you have all or some of these assets, you have a good start.

Tip: To create your online audience, take advantage of the customer base that you already have in your actual business.

The next step is list exactly what you need to have an online business that gives results.

Example of how having an online and offline business

In we have a successful example of how enjoy the best of both worlds.

Professor Felipe Oberg, specialized in giving Portuguese classes, decided to use the platform to place online lessons and disposal support materials for his students while using as dissemination channel of his regular classes. Check out:

Absolute success, with hundreds of subscribers, the method can be described in a simple step by step:

  • Record your lessons
  • Invite your classroom students to access the online classes
  • Provide extra material for those who are already students as means to study in home
  • Use the online course to sell subscriptions to regular classes
  • Put new content gradually on the online platform

Notice that he began slowly, using material that he already owned and disclosing for whom it was his client.

Much of the current disclosure statement is made by the students themselves and the business continues to grow.

By signing a hosting plan in he secured all the resources he needs to make online courses with minimal investment.

Visit our website and see how easy it is to start. As Professor Oberg, professionals of any area can use the platform easily.

The world is increasingly digital, take advantage of this opportunity to get your online business as soon as possible.