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How to make a satisfaction survey for online courses

Conducting a satisfaction survey is an advantageous practice for companies and consumers. This action helps to establish a channel of dialogue with the public, which starts to feel more valued, and enables the company to offer a more assertive service, developed according to the needs and preferences of the consumer.

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Benefits of applying a satisfaction survey in online courses 

The satisfaction survey is an excellent tool for anyone who creates and sells online courses. 

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By discovering what your students think and expect from your courses, you can develop more focused teaching material, correct errors and make adjustments based on concrete data.

A good online course meets your students’ expectations, which is good. But, an excellent online course exceeds students’ expectations, and that’s great. 

After all, when something offers an above average result, people tend to comment about it and this is the most economical and effective form of advertising that exists.

A well-qualified course is also an excellent business opportunity

If your material pleased, you can take the opportunity to offer complementary courses to the same students who have already had a good experience with your brand and will certainly feel more secure and interested in purchasing another product of yours.

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Then the question arises: how to identify the level of satisfaction of my students? Very simple: ask them! 

Conducting a satisfaction survey is relatively simple, as long as it is applied correctly, with well-defined purposes and committed to improving services, aiming at the real satisfaction of your customers.

For a satisfaction survey to bring results, it does not need to start from a complex, full of elaborate and time-consuming analyzes. Even because it needs to be easy to understand.

Keep in mind that no one will want to take a few minutes to complete your survey if it is long and, moreover, complex.

If you’re asking someone for something, do your best to make that person’s life easier.

Ways to apply a satisfaction survey

The next question that often arises is: how to apply a satisfaction survey?

Where to find people interesting for your business and willing to respond? Well, we can say that the Internet makes this task a little simpler today, considering that a few years ago it was necessary to go to the streets to approach people.

The social networks, for example, facilitate the meeting between consumers and businesses.

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It is also quite simple to send questionnaires by email, WhatsApp, SMS, websites, forums, chats and other online media, so that your students can respond when they can, stressing that the purpose of the research is to improve the quality of the course.

Net Promoter Score

A very efficient methodology used as a student satisfaction survey is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS as a marketing strategy for online courses

This methodology is based on a simple question: 

“On a scale of 0 to 10, how much would you recommend this course to a friend?”

This single question allows you to quickly measure the customer’s feeling towards the company, after all, there is no greater indication of satisfaction for a company than being indicated.

Since the customer shows a high possibility of referencing your business, he certainly trusts the structure offered by your company and the way it delivers the product or service.

For the calculation of the NPS, passive assessments are disregarded (score 7 or 8). Then take the percentage of promoting customers (score 9 or 10) and subtract the percentage of detrimental customers (score 0 to 6).

The formula for calculation is as follows:


The result is a number that ranges from -100 to 100. For example, if you get 20 responses, 12 promoters (60% of the response, or 0.6) 4 liabilities and 4 detractors (20% of the answer, or 0.2), for the account we have:

0.6 – 0.2 = 0.4 (40%)

If your score is low, it means that you have many detrimental clients / liabilities, indicating that improvements are needed in your course. 

Among the various benefits of NPS, the following stand out:

  • Simplicity
  • Agility in analysis
  • Planning tool
  • Long-term measurement
  • Increase in the number of students

The success of any business depends on the satisfaction of its customers. Offer your students the best possible course and stay tuned to what they have to say. 

Use feedback positive and negative in favor of your business, always improving.

4 Tips to prepare a satisfaction survey for online courses

A satisfaction survey is a direct and efficient channel of communication with your audience. 

This tool offers an opportunity for the student to leave his opinion, express his dissatisfaction with something that did not meet his expectations and also praise what exceeded.

Some of the information that a satisfaction survey for online courses can offer are:

  • Understanding the audience’s perception of the classes;
  • Collect suggestions for improvements, comments and opinions;
  • Assess the quality of the material / content.

Important tool for the instructor to improve his courses more and more, and in this way to retain students, check out some tips for developing an effective satisfaction survey:

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General evaluation

Brief and effective method of evaluation, request a general note for your course. Remember that no one likes to spend a lot of time answering questions, so to make it easier, use a numerical scale for the guest to determine the overall score. For example, from 1 to 5, with 5 being the maximum score.

Evaluation of the main aspects of the course

Determine the main aspects of your online course and ask questions for the participants to evaluate each one of them separately. It is important to maintain the same scoring mode, so if you have already used the numerical scale method, continue with it. In addition to making it easier for the interviewee, it is easier to compare the items and understand what they liked more and less.

Open questions

Always leave a space for the interviewee to write whatever they want. Compliments, suggestions or complaints, all of these explanations are important and can help you obtain relevant information to improve your online course.


Here we return to the Net Promoter Score method. An excellent way to measure satisfaction with the course is to ask if the person would refer you to others and if they would do a next module, for example. These are recurring questions in satisfaction surveys and will also indicate whether customers were satisfied with your course or not.

Analysis of results

To assess the result of your satisfaction survey, analyze the overall score and the number of people who said they would refer you and return to the next module. 

If most of the answers are negative, it is necessary to review the evaluation of each item individually and find out what is not pleasing. 

However, if the vast majority of responses are positive, it means that your online course has had good results and you are on the right track.

The analysis of the results of each question can be done by adding the positive results and the negative results. Questions that have a greater number of negative responses need more attention.

Finally, prepare a report with all the results obtained to guide you during the planning of the next classes, ensuring that your quality is even higher.

Use the right platform to improve your students’ satisfaction

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There are many different resources you can use to make your online courses a sales success.

But, for that, you need to host your content on a platform that provides all the tools necessary for virtual learning.

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Soon, will launch a new feature, which will allow the creation of questionnaires, quizzes and tests. 

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This new resource will help in the development of even better and more complete online courses, and may even contribute to the application of a satisfaction survey.

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