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What is it and how to create a Buyer Persona

To be really effective, a digital marketing strategy needs to be based on the public that you want to attract. Define and segment the audience to which your content will be developed is fundamental, and to help build this definition was created the concept of buyer persona.

Buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer based on market research and on information’s about your current customers. This representation was born of the need to segment and define who is the customer, what he/she do and what he/she likes.

Buyer Persona

The importance of defining a buyer persona for your digital marketing strategy

Buyer Persona means Ideal Customer. A persona is, as the name suggests, a character created to help your company better understand who is the customer and that he needs.

Let us make one thing clear: target public is not the same thing as buyer persona. See a description of what most people understands as target audience:

Young people between 18 and 26 years who live with their parents, go to college, receive between $ 600,00 and $1,000.00 per month and have few bills to pay. Use smartphones, have social networks and spend a large part of the day connected.

Description very wide not agree? It covers a large number of people and it says nothing about their habits and special notes.

A effective and well prepared buyer persona describes in detail its  ideal buyer and enables the creation of a strategy much more focused, being possible to clearly define what type of content produce, the language to be adopted, which are the best social networks to invest, keywords choose, etc.

The best way to get information to build your buyer persona is interviewing your company customers. Nothing better than your own public to help you understand the behavior patterns and consumption habits. 

To help you define what questions to ask in the interview, here are a few suggestions divided into categories:

Personal Information 

  • Brief personal history (age, nationality, civil status, children, etc.);
  • Brief educational history.

Work and Company 

  • What is your position?
  • What do you do at work?
  • What skills are required to perform your tasks?
  • What are the tools you use every day?
  • What is your company segment?
  • What is the size of your company?


  • What are your main goals?
  • For you, what is to be successful at work?
  •  What are the biggest challenges in your job?
  • What are the biggest problems that you find to achieve your goals?


  • How you acquire new skills and information?
  • What are the main publications and/or blogs that you consume?
  • What are the social networks that you use and with what frequency you use them to learn something?

Buying Habits 

  • Where do you usually do the greater part of your purchases? (physical store / online)
  • How often do you perform online purchases?
  • You usually perform searches before making purchases?

With a significant number of interviews answered in hands, the next step is to make the analysis of the collected data. 

The objective of this process is to try to find the common characteristics between your customers, such as what are their wishes, expectations, problems, doubts, more frequent complaints and more mentioned solutions.

It is common to end with several profiles of buyer personas, therefore it is necessary to define the most important. There is not a maximum number, but remember that the more, the more you will have to invest in differentiated content for each persona.

Then our advice is for you to focus on one or two buyer personas maximum. Thus it is possible to work the profile of your ideal customer in a complete way and that generate significant and long lasting results. 

The next step is to impersonate your persona. Create a character that incorporates all the information obtained, such as name, age and occupation, and then create a history describing the day to day of that person.

This is important to help you think about your buyer persona as a real human being, that person who will receive, read, interact with your content and buy your product.

Finally, you have what you need to start producing the right content to attract your ideal customer, and this is the first step to success. And when you need a secure online platform for hosting your content, give a hello to by sending an email to We will do everything to offer you the best and most complete solution!