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Why create a mini course and how it helps my business

Create a mini course is a very useful strategy for anyone who wants to create an online course and is still not quite sure about what topic to address, if it will appeal to the public and give financial return.

Why create a mini course and how it helps my business
4 reasons to create a mini course

To create a mini course, it is important to understand its definition so that it does not end up turning into a complete online course.

When we talk about creating a mini course, we refer to a short course, which takes two hours or less to talk about a specific subject and works as a teaser of your main course.

Very used as marketing strategy, a mini course can be developed from content that you have already published on your blog, for example, or it can be a class or a module that is part of your online course.

You can still create a quick video covering a specific topic, a tutorial, or even a presentation. Create a mini course is not a difficult task and if you are not yet convinced of its usefulness, check out some reasons to make one right now.

Build an online audience

Essential to any business, if you do not yet have an online audience, create a mini course is an excellent strategy to begin building yours. Especially if you offer it for free to attract leads or for those who prepay for the whole course.

In addition, a mini course helps the professional to gain credibility, appearing as an expert in a particular subject. Therefore, the tip is to approach any topic within specific, which shows that you have a profound knowledge in your area of expertise.

Define what will be the theme of your course

When you create a mini course and make it available to the public, you can have an idea of what it’s demand before investing the time and resources needed to create a complete course.

If you’re still not quite sure on what should be the subject of your online course, this prior testing will also help you to have a base on what your audience is more interested in knowing.

Start making a profit soon

Develop a complete online course, if you are starting from scratch, can take a long time until the course is ready to be released, promoted and finally begin to make a profit.

When you create a mini course and put it to sale, you greatly reduced the development time and begins to have financial returns to invest in the creation of the complete course, in addition to already ensure some enrollments.

Start with a simpler project

If this is your first online course and you feel a bit insecure about how to do, start with a small and more simple course is a good idea to test and sharp your skills before leaving for a larger project.

When you create a mini course you have the chance to learn about the tools and technical resources needed, organize a teaching method and analyze its acceptance with the public before investing more time and effort into a course of higher complexity.

These are just some of the reasons that show why create a mini course is a good idea for your online business.

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