5 free apps to record videos straight from your computer screen

5 free apps to record videos straight from your computer

How to record videos using the computer is one of the main questions of who is starting in the online courses market and wants to record classes. There are several recording  methods for you to produce a quality material for your students. Anyone who wants to do it alone at home can choose to use […]

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 Content monitoring for digital marketing strategy

Content monitoring for digital marketing strategy

Nowadays digital marketing is necessary for the growth of any business, and, therefore, we talk a lot in here about different strategies and marketing tools that can be adopted by companies, regardless of their size and financial resources. When it comes to digital marketing, the emphasis goes to the content production, after all, it is […]

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 Learn how to improve your blog and quit ahead of competitors

blog coursify

Every day the battle for the costumer attention increases. The traditional marketing loses space for the digital marketing, faster, focused and cheaper and the brands increase their online interaction by opening space on their web sites to blog and social networks. The focus is content creation. Offer the consumer information of their interest, attract and […]

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 Create a landing page to sell your online course

landing page Coursify

We are almost entering a new year, but always give time to learn a little bit more to begin 2016 with fresh knowledge and ideas renewed! Throughout the past year we dedicate ourselves to help and encourage you to create your online course, win a new source of income and realize the dream of having […]

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 Advantages of a LMS in Distance Education

lms coursify

Online Course, EaD, distance education, are some of the names given to this new form of education that has been gaining day by day more space and supporters. The truth is that the advantages of online classes, such as time and place of learning flexibility, come to meet the needs generated by the life style […]

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 SEO X Google Adwords: which is the best?


Expert in digital marketing or not, you surely already heard about SEM – Search Engine Marketing. The famous SEM is the focus of all the companies and business that want to optimize their results on the internet. Google Adwords and SEO are the two main SEM tools and have as goal to generate results for […]

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 Digital Marketing Glossary – Metrics

digital marketing

The success of an online course depends on the quality of its content. Correct, but for it quality be recognized, the course needs first to be known. For this reason, like any business, but mainly because it is a product sold through the internet, online courses are directly connected to the digital marketing. Digital Marketing […]

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 ELearning and Corporate Training


ELearning and corporate training began their relationship quite timid, but the good results of this interaction has made their partnership to become solid and recognized. After all, bosses and employees need to work according to the same guidelines, in addition to recycle their knowledge periodically to ensure the growth of the company and the delivery […]

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 Instructional Design and Distance Education

distance education

Professional who is being largely ordered, the instructional designer has as function to draw class material. Fundamental work to assist the process of learning, they prepare and arrange the content in a didactic way. In distance education, mainly in the corporate sector, their role is to facilitate and enhance the knowledge of the employees, in […]

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 Digital Marketing Glossary – Content

online course

It is defined as digital marketing communication actions performed through the Internet, mobile telephony and other digital media that can be used to disseminate and sell products and business, attract customers and grow your network. Tool of fundamental importance for disclosure of business as online courses, the digital marketing has the purpose to promote products […]

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