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Benefits of Creating and Selling Online Courses as Private Label Rights (PLR)

Selling online courses is one of the most profitable niches in the digital world today. Research shows the eLearning market is in full expansion and proves that the number of people interested in distance education grows daily.

Many people want to get into this business, but not all of them have the time or knowledge to create an online course from scratch, which is why the search and purchase of Private Label Rights is gaining prominence.

In this post, we are going to talk about this new way to sell or create your course and why it can be an excellent option for your business. 

Benefits of Creating and Selling Online Courses as Private Label Rights (PLR)

What is Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights refers to the sale of content with resell rights that is, with copyright.

Basically, the content producer allows those who buy to partially or completely change the material acquired and resell, signing as if it were something they authored.

These digital products can be anything from an online course, eBook, graphic, handouts, plugins, images, videos, scripts, among others.

As every company that wants to grow on the internet nowadays needs to attract the consumer with relevant content, and many do not have their own team to create these infoproducts, the purchase of PLR content has been growing a lot, becoming part of the digital marketing of several companies. This is a new way of outsourcing marketing services.

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Private Label Rights even allows professionals to buy entire online courses, making small changes and selling as if they were their own. This is a great way to save time on creation and editing work, speeding up the sales process.

Likewise, info product creators can sell their work with Private Label Direct to more than one buyer, increasing their profits.

It is important to emphasize that, precisely because more than one person or company can acquire the same Private Label Rights, it is always advisable to make changes to the original material, personalizing both content and layout, inserting your own brand.

Advantages and disadvantages of PLR for your business

As we said earlier, PLR offers many advantages for companies and professionals, especially when it comes to content marketing strategies

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However, it is important to keep in mind that the material acquired will hardly have the same quality as one made specifically for your business, so editing is necessary.

Think of Private Label Rights as a framework on which you must build your own content. 

You can take advantage, for example, that all the research that would need to be done to create a blog post, an eBook, or even a graphic, is already there and you just need to edit it so it doesn’t look like the original, since more people can buy it and publish the same content, and then you have SEO and duplication issues.

PLR Advantages

The great success that PLR is having, with platforms specialized in hosting and marketing this type of content, is the best proof of the advantages it offers to companies, such as:

Saving time and resources

Creating content from scratch takes time and depending on the type of product created, such as online courses, may require some investment in recording and editing equipment as well. 

With the large amount of content that a company needs to generate and publish periodically, to maintain public interest and be relevant to search engines, this can be quite costly and even unfeasible.

By purchasing Private Label Rights content, it is possible to have access to several articles at once, for example, which makes it easier to create regular posts for blogs and social networks, considerably reducing the time and resources invested in marketing. 

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Specialized content

Even if a company has a team or content production professional, such as a copywriter, it is often necessary to address specific topics that are not the specialty of this professional.

This requires extra research time and the risk of making mistakes, depending on the complexity of the subject. The content producer of a law firm is under no obligation to know in depth legal matters, for example.

In these cases, acquiring the Private Label Rights of an eBook or course that addresses a specific topic in the area and is interesting to your audience can be an excellent solution. One small edit and your business has a lead magnet with high conversion potential.

Possibility of personalization

When it comes to Private Label Rights, personalization is not only recommended, but in many cases mandatory.

Remember that more people can buy the same content, so don’t throw money away investing in material that has already been published hundreds of times on the internet. This can even harm your site’s SEO and positioning in search results.

Customize the material purchased with your logo, CTAs, add new information and exclusive insights, examples directly related to your company and anything else you can think of to make the content your own.

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Note: PLR content occasionally has rules and limits as to how it can be used, so it’s important to read the fine print of the contract when purchasing it.

PLR Disadvantages

By now you may have realized that Private Label Rights also has its disadvantages. 

As not everything is rosy and there is really no magic formula to have good results with zero work, be aware of the following factors before purchasing your PLR:

Low quality

Just as there are excellent professionals producing content and selling with Private Label Rights, there are those who just want to make a quick profit.

This means that you may end up buying a bundle of shallow, poorly written articles that offer no real value to your audience.

The problem is that avoiding this is not so easy, since many companies sell PLR in bundles, and you only get to see what you bought after you make the payment. So, if it’s impossible to analyze the quality of the material in advance, make sure you buy from a reputable company, so you don’t end up throwing money away.

Plagiarism risk

In addition to low quality material, there is still the danger of buying from an unscrupulous company that sells plagiarized content. 

This is a very problematic issue, firstly because it is very difficult to know if the content has been plagiarized, and secondly because, if it is, it can generate legal problems that can even result in a lawsuit for your brand.

Our advice in this case is the same as above,buy from a reputable and well-reviewed company. This also applies to content producers who want to sell in PLR mode. Look for the right place to make your work available.

Duplicate content

We have repeatedly highlighted the need to edit and customize the Private Label Rights acquired precisely because of its biggest disadvantage: the same content can be sold to countless people, that is, appear repeatedly on the internet.

You certainly wouldn’t want to spend money launching your online course for it to end up being just like another one that is already circulating on the market, would you? This can negatively affect your reputation.

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In addition to causing a bad impression on your audience, search engines like Google will not be satisfied either, and when they find that your site has content like countless others, they will rank your page poorly.

To escape these problems, customize and edit the material as much as possible. Also research the seller of the content to see if it is trustworthy.

Another tip is to do a plagiarism check before posting. This will give you an idea of ​​how many similar publications there are on the internet.

Finally, you can always hire a professional freelancer to develop exclusive content for you, so you even have more control over the quality of what you receive.

Sell ​​Online Courses with Private Label Rights and Increase Your Revenue

Sell ​​Online Courses with Private Label Rights and Increase Your Revenue

Now that you know the ins and outs of the Private Label Rights market, you must have realized that this business brings benefits and great profit potential for both parties involved. 

If you create online courses, but are not interested in promoting and selling them directly to the public, you can make it available as PLR and profit from repeated sales.

Now, if you want to sell a course of your own, but don’t have the time or desire to create one from scratch, this is the best way to be more than halfway there, getting one step closer to starting selling.

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Currently, there are many people who buy courses that are already well-reviewed, even in the foreign market, edit and sell them as their own. And believe me, profits can reach the seven-figures.

The only thing you need once you have your online course is an efficient hosting platform to make it accessible and sales-ready.

Complete eLearning platform, is the perfect solution for your distance learning business.

With a pleasant and intuitive interface, it allows anyone to create their online school and sell courses with ease.

Serving businesses and professionals in more than 60 countries, the platform is a dynamic and customizable Learning Management System.

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To learn more, visit our website, test the platform for free and start selling your online courses right now.