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How to create a high converting landing page for your online course

A high converting landing page is what everyone who sells online needs to have in order to optimize results.

In today’s competitive market, it’s fair to say that whoever has the best sales page comes out ahead.

How to create a high converting landing page for your online course

Step by step to create a high converting landing page

Landing pages must be worked on in order to convince the user to take an action. 

The big difference between a sales page and a regular website is that it is developed entirely with the aim of selling a certain product or service.

A high converting landing page brings together a sequence of well-known elements, such as video, CTAs, testimonials, etc.

While the order in which these elements are presented may vary, this is a tried-and-true formula for selling online courses.

How to Sell Online Courses

So be aware of the elements needed to create a high converting landing page that we have listed below.


The title is intended to hold the reader’s attention and make them continue on your page. It doesn’t necessarily need to talk about your course.

Think of your headline as an advertisement. If all your audience sees is it, is that enough to convince them to keep reading?

Also make it clear who it is for, this gives the reader a chance to decide if that topic interests them before moving on to the sales page.

For example: Enter the job market in seven days. Note that we haven’t talked about the course yet, but anyone looking for a professional opportunity might be interested.

This title works well for short professional courses such as clerks, kitchen assistants, administrative assistants, and is a very attractive call.

Of course, using your course name in the title is also effective, but always remember to try to use a word with the most persuasive power.

Your headline should select the reader based on their needs and wants, as well as promise a result if they keep reading what comes next.

Key Information 

This comes right under the title and can be a paragraph or two of key information about what you are selling. After all, we all know that people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter, so just say what you came for.

Now that you’ve captured attention with your headline, explain exactly what your business is all about. For example: Pharmacy attendant course with certificate and indication letter from qualified professionals.

That’s a great first paragraph, don’t you agree? In the second, you can delve a little deeper and talk about the course load and the main teaching method.

Again, pay attention to the copywriting, and use the right word combination to make an effect on the reader.

Copywriting Tips

Okay, now the visitor already has all the information they need to know if the course interests them, so whoever continues on your page is a potential lead. With that in mind, let’s move on to the next step in creating your high converting landing page.


These days on the internet, it’s safe to say that most people prefer video over text. 

In the specific case of a sales page, this is a doubly valuable resource, as in addition to capturing attention, it also gives the user a chance to create a connection with the instructor.

Start the video by introducing yourself and talking a little about your qualifications, this is the time to show your authority on the subject and convey credibility. 

This video should be brief, we recommend a maximum of three minutes. After introducing yourself, show your reader that you understand their current problem or yearning. If you went through the same, share your story. This demonstrates empathy and helps in building a relationship.

Talk about the problem your target audience wants to solve. When you define the problem first, coming up with your solution becomes a natural transition.

When someone is looking for an online course, what they really want is to make a transformation in their life, whether it’s learning something that will guarantee them a job, teach them a skill they’ve always wanted to have, or simply improve their life quality. 

Help your reader visualize the transformation they want to create.

“If you want to draw the reader into the content on your sales page, it’s important to connect with them on a deep EMOTIONAL level right from the start. One way to do this is to communicate the reader’s current PAIN or future PLEASURE. The fact that all human behavior is motivated by avoiding pain or seeking pleasure makes this kind of openness a powerful start.”Tal Gur


Here is where you present your actual course. Now that you’ve defined the problem, show the reader how your course can and will solve that pain point.

Describe everything that is included in the course. For example: Three modules with 15 video lessons each, lasting 20 to 30 minutes.

Explain what will be covered in each module, how the lessons will be divided, and what students should learn in each. Always emphasize the results that will be obtained throughout the course, not just at the end.

Step by step to create online courses

If it’s a sewing course, for example, show which skills the students will conquer by the end of the first module. Indicate the transformation they will have already achieved. This serves as a powerful motivation not only for the purchase, but for them to complete the course.  

Organize this text clearly and directly. To build a high converting landing page, you need to clear all the readers’ doubts, but you also need to generate an emotional connection, as we will see in the next topic. 


Make a list of topics (we recommend from 5 to 8), with all the benefits that your student will have when taking your course.

Use visual elements such as text boxes, colors or bullets to make this list stand out. It’s important that even the laziest reader can see it.

No long paragraphs, remember the attention deficit. A high converting landing page knows how to create powerful copywriting in just a few lines.

Use arguments like “study whenever you want”, “lifetime access”, “learn in a few steps”, “full video lessons”, and so on.

How to create videos for online courses


This is where the “ace up your sleeve” enters. Talk about all the extra perks people get when they buy your course.

Include a list of all the materials and bonus resources you are offering to facilitate and enhance learning, such as:

  • Downloadable support materials (worksheets, articles, audios, PDF handouts, etc.)
  • Live class schedule
  • Chat for ask questions
  • Private Facebook group so students can also interact with each other
  • Quizzes and activities to test knowledge
  • Sending news and updates by email
  • Discounts or offers on other courses
  • Course completion certification

These materials help increase the perceived value of your course. Be sure to include some in your sales proposal.


So-called “social proof” is essential for anyone who wants to sell something on the internet these days.

A high converting landing page has testimonials from people who attest to your authority and the quality of the product/service offered.

Testimonials from real people, who provide candid insights into whether or not the course delivers on its promise, and how their lives have changed after completing it, can be your best sales pitch.

Ask all your students, if possible, to send a written statement about what they thought of the course. If they can send it on video, even better, more credibility for you.

If you’re launching your first online course and you don’t have any students to give testimonials yet, here’s an excellent tip: Before launching, give a select group of individuals free access to your course in exchange for their feedback (perfect for making final adjustments) and depositions.

Tips to get more Reviews for your course


You might be surprised that we haven’t mentioned the famous Call To Action button yet, but yes, it should be present from the beginning, in a strategic corner of your landing page, with a persuasive call, like: Get your job now or Change your life now.

Make it visible, highlighted, impossible to ignore. Even while the person is scrolling through your page, the button should be visible, following the reading.

During the text, insert other CTAs that link directly to your checkout page. 

A high converting landing page gives the reader multiple opportunities to complete the purchase with ease.

Values ​​and Payment Terms

At the end of everything, it’s time to talk about price and payment methods.

You can leave this information for your checkout page, but we advise you to never fool the user, after all, if he doesn’t easily find what he’s looking for, he can get annoyed and leave your page.

Provide as many payment options as possible. The easier it is to buy, the less chance you have of losing potential customers.

Once you’ve made this part clear, insert one more custom CTA linked to your course’s checkout page. Never assume the reader knows what to do next. Always tell them what the next step is.

How to price online courses


To finish your high converting landing page, guarantee the user that he is not falling into a trap in which he may end up regretting it and losing money.

Highlight the return period if he is not satisfied and, if you want to do even better, give him a 30-day period with a full refund of the invested amount.

With that, you’re basically saying, “I’m so confident that you’re going to like my course that I’m willing to give you all your money back if you don’t.”

This takes a huge weight off the reader’s shoulder and removes any reservations they may still have about making the purchase.

Yes, it is likely that some people will buy in bad faith and ask for a return after a few days, but more people will buy your course because you offer this guarantee, so in the long run, you win.

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